Woman Sues When Her $13,000 Neck Cream Failed

What would you do if you just bought a $13,000 neck cream elixir that supposedly gives the same results as a facelift but discovered (after the transaction), that in order for it work, you also needed a $15,000 machine?

Woman Sues When Her 13,000 Neck Cream Failed

$13,000 dollar neck cream

Well, 70-year-old Sophie Tetteh, is finding that there was a major wrinkle in the purchasing of the pricey neck cream. The purchase became a little hard to swallow when she learned that she then would have to buy an expensive machine in order to make it work. Tetteh is now filing a lawsuit with the Manhattan Supreme Court against The Infinite Beauty Shop on Third Avenue in New York.

The court report stated that employees neglected to tell Sophie to buy the machine before the purchase.It also stated that Infinite Beauty employees told Tetteh that “some people paid $100,000” for the beauty products, and that she was getting them at a “discount.” Tetteh claims that Infinite Beauty, “strung her along, telling her that she needed to continue using the products in order to achieve the desired result.” plus, the shop’s employees also told her she needed to “supplement the beauty products she had already purchased with more expensive products,” Tetteh’s suit explains.

Infinite Beauty is standing by their products and denying any wrongdoing. Sophie Tetteh is now seeking a full refund plus $59,000 in damages.
Featured Image: https://twitter.com/GlamRiver/status /885909404742111232
Other Sources:http://nypost.com/2017/07/08/beauty-stores-facelift-creams-are-pricey-and-phony-suit/


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