‘Doctor Who’ 13th Regeneration Announced: Female Cast for First Time

The 13th Doctor in the hit BBC TV series Doctor Who was announced straight after the Wimbledon men’s tennis finale, as promised on Friday by the BBC. The regeneration will be a female for the first time, in the form of Jodie Whittaker.

The 35-year-old actress was revealed in a short trailer after Roger Federer claimed his eighth Wimbledon title. The hooded figure was seen walking through the woods and then stops to open their hand. The key to the TARDIS appears, and then the sound of the TARDIS is heard. It’s only then that an eye is seen, making it extremely clear that it is a female taking on the role. After that, the hood is pushed down to reveal Whittake in the role.

Whittaker is best known for her role in Broadchurch, opposite former Doctor Who regeneration David Tennant. The ITV show will also have another person crossing into the 50+ year long sci-fi series, Chris Chibnall. The Broadchurch showrunner is the new Doctor Who showrunner, with Steven Moffat stepping down after the 2017 Christmas Special.

Chiball explained after Whittaker’s reveal as the 13th Doctor that it was always going to be a woman. This was before the hype and speculation that Phoebe Waller-Bridge would take on the role. Peter Capaldi, who plays the 12th and current regeneration, said that he always wanted a female to replace him. There were hints during the Season 10 final two episodes that it would be a woman. Capaldi’s Doctor told his companion Bill Potts that gender isn’t a big deal to Time Lords.

Doctor Who 13th Doctor

Whittaker says that it is more than an honor to play the role. She will appear in the 2017 Christmas Special, after Capaldi’s Doctor finally decides that it is time to regenerate. The Christmas Special will also see David Bradley, Game of Thrones and Harry Potter star, in the role of the Original Doctor. Bradley will take on the role after playing William Hartnell, who originally played the role in the 1960s, in the docudrama, An Adventure of Space and Time.

There will now be questions about the companion. If this is a female regeneration, will Doctor Who have a male as the main role for the companion to keep a similar dynamic as there has been over the last 12 years?

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