Dance Academy Begins on SYTYCD

The auditions are over and it’s time to get to work for the 100 dancers who earned their tickets to the Dance Academy in Los Angeles on “So You Think You Can Dance”.


The show begins with a massive group dance outside demonstrating the various dance styles represented by the dancers.

Tabatha and Napoleon, Travis Wall, Dmitri and Jenna, and Sonya Tayeh will put the dancers through their paces in the Dance Academy; but only 10 will survive to pair up with an All Star – Robert, Gaby, Paul, Jasmine, Marko, Comfort, Cyrus, Jenna, Fik-Shun, and Allison.

Round one of the Dance Academy is to perform a solo; but this time they won’t be performing before the judges but the All Stars will be deciding whill will move on to the first choreography round.

Up first to get the solos started was Logan Hernandez whose performance brought the All Stars to their feet.

The dancers will learn their fate in groups of 10.

Of the first group, only Ballroom dancer Triesten did not make it through.

Lex left the All Stars in awe with his performance.

Kristina and Vasily’s Ballroom routine brought the All Stars to their feet.

Lex, Kristina, and Vasily all made it through to the next round – Hip-Hop with Tabatha and Napoleon.

Ryan confused Nigel in his audition and it continued with the All Stars. Rya and Romanson Romain did not survive the cut.

In all 71 dancers survived the solo round to take on Hip-Hop with Nappy Tabs.

Host Cat Deely informs the dancers that it all gets serious now because they will need to impress the All Stars enough to want to pick them on their teams.

They have only an hour to learn the routine that Tabatha and Napoleon shows them. They perform in three groups of pairs for the All Stars.

All the the pairs will perform before any decision are made.

For this round the dancers have a second chance to impress with a choreography round.

Five All Stars wanted Kevin Davis on their teams, Kevin will have to decide who he wants to be his mentor. He chose Allison.






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