The Bachelorette 2017: The Hometown Dates with Rachel on 7/17/17

During the July 17, 2017 episode of The Bachelorette with Rachel Lindsay, she traveled to the hometowns of the remaining men and had the opportunity to meet their families.  At the end of the episode, she had eliminated one more man and narrowed her choices to the final three men.  Below is a brief recap of the show, as well as the list of the men who received roses this week … and the one who did not.


SPOILER ALERT:  Do not read further if you do not want to know what happened this week!

Brief Bachelorette Recap of July 17, 2017 Episode:

Rachel Lindsay is a bright, beautiful Dallas attorney, who spent this week getting to know the four remaining bachelors better by meeting their families and seeing their hometowns.  As always, the hometown dates did not go completely smoothly.

The first date was in Baltimore, Eric’s hometown.  He took her to the basketball courts in the rough neighborhood where he grew up.  There she meets Eric’s friend, Ralf. Rachel was impressed by the strength it took for him to overcome his childhood difficulties, go to college and pursue a career.  She was the first woman he ever took home to meet his parents, which made her especially nervous when the time came.  However, once she met his family, she quickly became comfortable with them.  Eric told his parents that he feels right about his relationship with Rachel.

Next, she headed to Miami to see Bryan, who was very open about his feelings for her.  She cares a lot about Bryan, but worries that he is “too good to be true.” Together, they visited the famous Calle Ocho where the two of them did a little salsa dancing, played dominoes and tried the street food.  Rachel was worried about getting the approval of Bryan’s mother, which was the issue that broke up his last relationship.  Bryan is their only child. That was easy to see, because even though Bryan 0bviously cared about Rachel, his mother was suspicious of their relationship, even though Bryan assured his mother that Rachel is “the one.”  After his parents told Bryan they approved of Rachel, he kissed Rachel and told her how much he loves her.

Peter met Rachel in his hometown of Madison, Wisconsin.  He started out by taking her to a farmer’s market. He seemed eager to introduce her to his friends and family, although he still seemed to have some emotional walls which created a barrier between them.  Rachel fit in well with Peter’s friends, but he admitted to them that he doesn’t know that much about her.  He was terrified about the idea of proposing to her in three weeks.  When they visited his family, Rachel was touched by how good he is with his niece.

Finally, she traveled to Aspen, Colorado where she met Dean.  They took a gorgeous ATV ride and he tried to prepare her to meet his eccentric father, whom he had not seen in two years.  He is a Sikh Kundalini yogi and Dean felt that his father provided him with very little love or support after his mother died.  Rachel told Dean she would be there for him during the date, no matter how unorthodox his family was.  This was an unusual hometown visit because Rachel and the other family members left the house for a while so Dean and his father could have a serious heart-to-heart talk … not the usual experience fans witness on The Bachelorette.  Rachel also had the opportunity to meet some other members of Dean’s family and talk with them.  In the end, Dean’s father gave their relationship his blessing, but it was not a pleasant evening.  Dean and his father were not able to resolve their differences.

After the hometown visits with the men, they all returned to Rachel’s hometown of Dallas for the rose ceremony.  She cared about all of the men but, in the end, decided to say good-bye to Dean.  He was shocked and confused by her decision.  He wondered out loud if she really meant it when she said that she cared about him, too.

After the rose ceremony, she and the remaining three men made plans to head to their next destination, Rioja, Spain.

Who Are the Men Rachel Kept at the End of Episode 8 of The Bachelorette?

Bryan Abasolo – 37 – chiropractor for the Accident and Injury Team in Miami, FL and rumored to cause a lot of the drama this season. *

Eric Bigger – 29 – motivational speaker, fitness enthusiast and personal trainer in Los Angeles.  Former model and author of the book, 100 Days of Wisdom. *

Peter Kraus – 31 – personal trainer and business owner in Madison, Wisconsin *

The ones with an * at the end of their bio are the men which have been the front-runners this entire season.

Who Was the Man Rachel Sent Home on 7/17/17?

Dean Unglert – 26 – startup tech company recruiter in Venice, CA 

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