Stringing the Seasons on ‘Face Off’

After the elimination of Jill last week on “Face Off”, only eight artists remain. So far this season Ethereal Effects has won every challenge; while all of the eliminated artists have come from Twisted Six Effects.

Face Off

With five artists on Ethereal Effects and only three artists on Twisted Six Effects, the judges are sure to even out the teams again this week. Can Twisted Six Turns things around and take home a win?

The cartists meet McKenzie in a concert gardens where there are blooming flowers everywhere and a string quartet performing “The Four Seasons” by Vivladi.

This time the judges chose Andrew to switch sides and become a part of Twisted Six Effects.

The challenge for this week is another individual challenge in a team setting. The artists have to create characters that embody the four seasons.

The teams have to give each team member the chance to be the foreperson before any one of them takes a second chance. Only Kiersten has not been a foreperson for Ethereal Effects and will lead the team this week. Twisted Six had two choices for a foreperson and KC took the job.

Telling the artists that she has a surprise for them, McKenzie tells the artists that this week their characters will be put to the test on the reveal stage this week with a Contemporary dance choreographed by award winning choreographer Travis Wall. Travis will also be a guest judge this week.
Twisted Six Effects has chosen to use the foliage of the seasons as their focal point.
KC has summer
Andrew has spring
Phil has fall
Joseph has winter

Ethereal Effects characters are Royal members of their realm.
Nelson has winter
Faina has fall
Suzanne has spring
Kiersten has summer

Heading into the lab, Joseph still doesn’t have a clear concept for his character but says that once he gets his hands on the clay, it will come to him.

Faina is a bit concerned that her concept is similar to Phil’s – they both have autumn – but notes that her model is a female and Phil’s model is a male.

Mentor Michael Westmore visits the lab to offer his advice to the artists. With Joseph still at a loss for what to do, Michael and Joseph discuss Joseph’s character; as they talk a concept forms for Joseph.

Some of the artist’s sculptures have some very small areas that may not take in the mold or will to difficult to clean out and Michael advices them on that.

Andrew also give Joseph a few ideas on how to make his character work.

KC is having some trouble getting her mold open and gets some help from Andrew to get it open. She compared the problem to the sword in the stone. They get the mold open with only 30 minutes remaining in the day to get it cleaned out.

Application day arrives and Kiersten is terrified.

Phil has some issues with the chin portion of his face piece that need to be addressed and he is concerned about having enough time to get everything done.

Andrew has a big seam in his cowl that needed fixing.

The green trees on Joseph’s cowl came out a bright lime green and he is having trouble toning it down.

KC has a really big rough edge that she can’t get blended and has to find a way to fix it.

In last looks the bald cap on Nelson’s model keeps separating from the model’s head and he has to find a way to keep it down especially during the dance.

Time management is again becoming an issue for Phil.

Kiersten continues to question her work.

After the reveal the characters perform to “The Four Seasons” by Antonio Vivaldi performed by a live string quartet. Once the dance is over the judges get a closer look.

Saying that there were some things that they really liked and some things they didn’t like, head judge Glenn Hetrick said that there was no winning team this week; adding that the winning artist could come from either team this week.

In speaking to a few of the artists…

The judges were really happy with KC’s makeup calling it the most resolved sculpture on the stage; adding that they love the colours and had a stunning palette. Ve noted that KC’s character was beautiful while dancing.

Ve said that Keirsten had a very strange makeup and was really concerned about Kiersten’s choices. The judges said that her character didn’t feel very transformative and was not executed to its fullest.

The judges felt that Joseph made another misstep this week and they were a bit confused by what they saw. Glenn noted that he felt like Burl Ives was going to come out and sing to him any moment.

Travis said that Andrew created one of the most inspiring looks; adding that it was his favourite and it was like Andrew created what he was seeing with the dance. Calling it stunning, the judges noted that Andrew took great care in developing the flower; adding that it was stunning.

Genn said that there was a mixed bag from the teams this week but saying it was some excellent work, Glenn named KC as the winner this week. She is the first artist not from Ethereal Effects to score a win.

Noting that the artists is talented but things have gone off the rails lately, Glenn named Joseph as the artist eliminated this week.

Next week things get creepy.

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