The Cut Begins on ‘World of Dance’

This week on “World of Dance” things are getting intense with the Cut Round where 15 dancers will fill only six spots in the finals – two from each group of juniors, teens, and adults.

Each of the judges took one group of dancers to mentor and this week prima ballerina Misty Copeland is a guest judge.

Up first are the juniors who were mentored by Jennifer Lopez.

Eleven year old Diana Plombo takes the stage first who dances to Rihanna. Jennifer said that she did a beautiful job. Derek said that she had so much passion and emotion. Ne-Yo said that the song and moves married perfectly; adding it was the closest to a perfect performance he had seen from her. Diana scored 92 points for her dance.

In a clip next up was the crew Immabest who scored 84.2 points.

The Mihacevich Sister used a sofa prop for their dance. Calling it their best performance, Derek said that the girls moved them with their emotional dance. Misty said that the dance felt original and real; adding that it was powerful and clean. Jennifer said that they brought it to the next level. The grils scored 85.5 points for their dance knocking out Immabeast.

The 10 member crew The Lab chose “Disco Inferno” by 50 Cent for their routine. Ne-Yo loved it; adding that they were one of the cleanest groups on the show. Calling the dance super clean, Jennifer said that they were overtaken by the energy. Misty loved the performance. The group earned a score of 86 points knocking out the Mihacevich Sisters. With that Diana Plumbo is guaranteed a spot in the finals.

The final performer in the junior category is 14 year old Eva Igo who chose “Creep” for her dance. Eva was very emotional after the dance. Jennifer came up on stage and gave Eva a hug and told her that she was awesome. Derek said that first of all Eva belongs there; adding there was so much emotion in the dance. Saying that she was proud of her, Jennifer said that Eva put her heart and soul on the stage. Misty called Eva a beautiful dancer and performer. Eva scored 92.5 points taking over first place and knocking out The Lab.

Young female dancers Diana Plumbo and Eva Igo will face off in the finals.

The Teen category is mentored by Ne-Yo.

Up first for the teens was Swing Latino but with no sparkles this week. Speaking Spanish to the dancers, Jennifer said that she had never seen anything like that and the tricks were out of this world; adding that the group is top notch. Misty said that the pictures came to life; adding that she felt like she was back in Colombia. Derek said that he could see how much it means to the dancers; adding that they were amazing. Ne-YO noted that no matter what happens, everyone will walk away knowing the name Swing Latino. The group scored 92.5 points for their dance to top the leader board.

Super Crew chose a bit of a different route for their dance this week with an emotional performance about loss. Misty liked that strong men were not afraid to be vulnerable. Derek said that they looked like they were floating across the stage as one; adding that it was beautiful and he got really emotional watching them. Ne-Yo said that they led everybody to an emotional and private place; adding that they were not as strong and clean as he had seen before. The crew scored 88.8 points for their dance.

Next week the remaining eight performers take to the stage and the final four finalalists are revealed.

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