The Miracle…of Music

Life is fleeting. We never know which breath will be our last.


Two years ago musician and transformationist Rikka Zimmerman face that possibility. Her body full of tumors, she was given just eight weeks in which to cram a lifetime.

Her first thoughts were of the music and how much of it was still inside her that she wanted to get out. Beginning with the concept of – if this is the last record you will ever make…what would it be?

The result is her new album “The Miracle” which is set for an August 3 release as a digital download and as a physical CD.


The album features 12 original songs…and a little something extra. Doctors and scientists are finally discovering what musicians have always known – music isn’t just good for the soul…it also has healing powers. Included in Rikka’s new album are 60 layers of vibrational tones that cannot be heard but are felt and are designed to balance a person’s Chakras and increase energy.


Rikka herself defied medical prognostications and is alive and well continuing to help promote love and healing.

June 12 marked the one year anniversary of a tragedy that has all too often filled the news recently – the mass shooting at the Orlando nightclub Pulse that killed 49 people. To mark the event Rikka penned a new song “Come Together” and held a global forgiveness ceremony where she said thousands of people attended online.

Even as a small child, Rikka knew that she was a little different and had the ability to help people heal and feel love again. She has turned that ability into a global profession as a transformational leader, leading individuals and groups in how to let go and find the happiness they so desperately seek.

Life is fleeting and all too short for some, but with the help of a very powerful tool – music – Rikka Zimmerman helps people to live that life happy and to its fullest.

photos courtesy of HY PR

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