‘Face Off’ Gets Possessed

Last week the artists on “Face Off” took on the four seasons but this week they get possessed.

Face Off

After Joseph’s elimination last week only seven artists remain.

When the artists enter the lab they find several antiques in the lab. Saying that she is going to get right into the spotlight challenge, noting that there have been a number of cases of haunted objects documented around the world. This week’s challenge is to choose one of the objects and create the character that is possessed by that object.

Each shop member will create a character; which means that Twist Six Effects will create three characters and Ethereal Effects will create four characters.

Oh, and one more thing…the character must interact with their object of possession.

This week the foreman for Twisted Six Effects is Phil and the foreman for Ethereal Effects is Nelson. At this point all of the remaining artists have been a foreman for their shop.

This week the artists have only two days to complete the challenge.

Twisted Six Effects:
KC had the camera
Phil had the baby carriage
Andrew had the trycycle

Ethereal Effect:s
Nelson had the violin
Suzanne had the clock
Faina had the typewriter
Kierstin had the radio

Faina was having some trouble putting together a story for her character but she got a little help from Nelson and she ran with the idea.

Kierstin is using her own arm for test painting ideas. She is having some trouble with her concept and character and has not begun any work on sculpting. She doesn’t have any ideas for prosthetics and is even thinking about not creating any.

The artists from Twisted Six Effects are planning gags to incorporate into their projects.

With only two days to complete the challenge, the artists are cutting back and not making any cowls.

When Michael Westmore visits the lab, he likes what he sees and offers a few ideas to the artists.

Andrew has a little extra time and gives Phil a helping hand by sculpting a dead baby for the baby carriage.

Kierstin ends up creating a few small sculpture pieces for her character.

Suzanne plans to fabricate a giant clock as a part of her character. Saying that she is tired of being safe, Suzanne says that she is going to bring something to the stage that the judges have never seen before or she is going home.

Wanting to get the mold out on the first day, Andrew and Phil run the baby in polyfoam. As they were puling it out of the mold the guys compared it to the baby being born. Andrew said that they were proud papas of their baby.

Kierstin is still second guessing herself and ends up scrapping part of her sculpt because it won’t lie flat.

Suzanne’s face prosthetic didn’t come out quite the way she hoped but says that she will find a way to make it work.

Going into last looks, Kierstin calls her character an atrocity and has to find a way to fix it before the reveal.

Joining head judge Glenn Hetrick, Ve Niell, and Neville Page at the judge’s table this week is award winning actor Cheyenne Jackson who is known for his role on “American Horror Story”.

After the reveal and closer looks Glenn names Twisted Six Effects as the winner of the challenge, giving the team their first win of the season. Glenn said that this week the shop had really come together and created a complete and cohesive set of characters.

In speaking with some of the artists…
The judges were surprised that Suzanne was so pleased with her work, noting that it didn’t fully come to fruition nor did the character seem demonic or possessed. The judge’s noted that this week Suzanne’s work was substandard.

The judges said that Andrew created a spectacular makeup this week that read fantastic from a distance. Cheyenne called the character really creepy and super effective.

Noting that every artist has a bad day where the ideas just won’t come, the judges said that Kierstin’s second guessing herself caused her collapse.

The judges called Faina’s character was really striking with smooth application and a great paint job. Glenn loved her character and concept. The character was creeping Ve out.

Glenn loved Phil’s angle; noting that it was a far cry from last week’s work. Cheyenne called the character great and creepy. In deliberations the judges noted that Phil has been paying attention to what they have been saying and has applied their critiques.

Glenn noted that this week Twisted Six Effects finally came together to do a great job; while Ethereal Effects were all over the map.

Saying that it illicited an overwhelming creepy response from all of them, Glenn named Andrew as the winner of the challenge. Andrew has now won a challenge as a member of both shops.

Glenn named Suzanne as the eliminated artist this week noting that her inability to not see the mistakes was troubling.

Next week there’s an outbreak…

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