The Cut Round Concludes on ‘World of Dance’

This week on “World of Dance” the final performances from the team division and the adult performers take the stage on part two of “The Cut”.

World of Dance

Last week Junior dancers Diana Plumbo and Eva Igo topped the board and will face each in the next round

Prima Ballerina Misty Copeland returns to serve as guest judge again this week.

Teams Swing Latino and Super Crew currently top the Team Division leader board with three more teams yet to perform.

First up were Kinjaz with a new routine. Jennifer noted that the team always has something that blows her mind and are always innovative. Ne-Yo saw another jacket that he wanted. The guys gave a jacket to each of the judges. Misty said that she felt like a 14 year old girl at her first N’Sync concert. The Kinjaz scored 93.5 points including a 96 from Misty to knockout Super Crew

In a clip the Chapkis Dance Family scored 85.2 points and will not move on to the next round.

The final performance in the Team Division was Ian Eastwood and the Young Lions who had beat out Jabbawacceez in a shocking elimination for the spot. Derek noted that of all the performers, this group has evolved the most. Ne-Yo felt like the picture didn’t all come together. Misty said that the piece made her feel. Jennifer said that they gave them something to think about. The group scored 89 points for their dance but it wasn’t enough to knock any of the top two groups off of the leader board. After the scores Jennifer said that she was tired of seeing the same stuff over and over and the guys needed to make some changes.

The two groups moving on from the Team Division are Swing Latino and Kinjaz.

Finally it was time for the Upper Division to take the stage. Derek Hough was the mentor for this division.

First up was the trick filled Ballroom duo of Luka and Jenalyn. Noting in their video package that it wasn’t World of Tricks but ”World of Dance” and they needed to add more dance moves into their routine, the duo performed a trick laden routine that had little to few actual dance moves. Jennifer noted that the way they did tricks was nuts but she wanted to see more dance. Ne-Yo wanted the duo to match their movements more to the music. Noting that they were exciting and fun to watch, Misty said that she wanted to see more connection between the two. Derek noted that sometime a trick was more impressive when there weren’t so many of them. Luka and Jenalyn scored 80.5 points for their dance.

Next up was the only solo dancer in the division – “So You Think You Can Dance” All Star Fik-Shun who chose to use props this week. The 22 year old noted that he was going to go as far as he could giving it all that he could. After performing a flawless routine that matched perfectly to not only the music but the lyrics; Ne-Yo said that he felt Fik-Shun has played it safe. Saying that she felt it and he did a great job, Jennifer thought the use of the props was great. Noting that he used the music, Misty said that it all made sense to her and she loved it. Noting that he took some risks, Derek said that Fik-Shun used the stage and the props to tell a story. Fik-Shun scored 84.2 points for his dance; putting him at the top of the leader board.

In a clip the group Pasion scored only 78.8 points and were eliminated from the competition.

The French duo Les Twins gave a performance that brought the judges to their feet. Noting that it can be harder when you are known, Misty said the guys blew her away. Ne-Yo noted that they have worked very hard. Derek noted that the guys were holding back during rehearsals. Jennifer noted that the guys love to perform and it shows. Les Twins scored 93.5 points for their dance that included a 98 from Misty. Topping the leader board, Les Twins knocked out Luka and Jenalyn.

In the final dance of the night, newlyweds Keone and Mari performed using an elastic band. Misty said that they brought genuine emotion to the stage. Ne-Yo said that every time he watches them dance, he misses his wife. Derek said that they were intelligent with their movement – like an art installation. The duo scored 93.2 points for their dance knocking Fik-Shun out of the competition.

Les Twins and Keoni and Mari will face off in the next round.

After his elimination Fik-Shun said that he is even more motivated to keep dancing.

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