Musical Notes – July 26

Apple Records and The Beatles win in court and Deep Purple and Huey Lewis and the News are releasing career spanning album collections.

Musical Notes

Apple Records/The Beatles:
When a mop topped group of lads landed in the United States in 1965, much of the world already knew about the four guys who called themselves The Beatles. Appearing on “The Ed Sullivan Show” and performing at the now demolished Shea Stadium the guys helped to launch the British Invasion.

Concert promoter Sid Bernstein Presents LLC filed a suit for the rights to the concert footage master tapes. The suit claims that The Beatles manager Brian Epstein took the tapes without permission. The suit also noted that the concert footage has been used over the years in a number of documentaries including the Ron Howard production “Eight Days a Week: The Touring Years”.

On July 26 U.S. District Court Judge George Daniels failed to prove that he owned the August 15, 1965 footage.

In his ruling the Judge stated, “the relevant legal question is not the extent to which Bernstein contributed to or financed the 1965 concert; rather, it is the extent to which he ‘provided the impetus for’ and invested in a copyrightable work – e.g., the concert film. The complaint and relevant contracts clearly refute any such claim by Bernstein.”

Sid Bernstein Presents attorney Donald Curry noted based on a preliminary review, I believe there are grounds to appeal.”

Apple Records – created and owned by The Beatles – holds the rights to the concert footage.

Sid Bernstein was a concert promoter and producer for a number of artists including Tony Bennett, James Brown, Herman’s Hermits, Ella Fitzgerald, and The Rolling Stones. Bernstein died in 1993 at the age of 95.


Huey Lewis and the News:
San Francisco rockers Huey Lewis and the News have a career spanning album collection coming out later this year. Set for a limited album release in the Netherlands on August 29, the three disc collection will get a mass release later in the year.

The collection covers all nine of the band’s 1982 debut album “Huey Lewis and the News” and continues through “Jacob’s Ladder”.

Titled “Collected” albums one and two will feature music from the band’s albums plus the two soundtracks where their music appears. Album three features rarities that cover Lewis as a solo artist and his days before the band was named The News. The disc will also include dance versions of songs and remixes.

Deep Purple:
Rock and Roll Hall of Fame rockers Deep Purple will take fans on a musical history trip with their new album “A Fire in the Sky” – in North America only – on September 8. The album title is taken from the rocker’s most famous hit song – “Smoke on the Water”. The anthology will be available for the rest of the world later in the year.

The anthology will come in a single disc and a three disc package and will feature music that spans the band’s career from their debut album in 1968 – “Shades of Deep Purple” through their 2013 album – “Now What?”.

The single disc features a total of 20 songs – mostly singles – including “Smoke on the Water”, “Highway Star”, and “Burn”.

The three disc package features a total of 40 songs including at least one song from each of their first 19 studio albums.

The band is also releasing another three disc “A Fire in the Sky” package on November 3 that will feature 27 songs.

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