Trump Announces New White House Chief of Staff

July 27, 2017 President Trump announced on Friday via Twitter that Department of Homeland Security Secretary, John F. Kelly will be the new White House Chief of Staff, replacing Reince Priebus.

President Trump called John Kelly a great American and a great leader, adding that he did a spectacular job at Homeland Security. Trump described John Kelly as a “true star of his administration.”

As DHS Secretary, retired Army General John Kelly backed President Trump’s controversial immigration policy, plan to build a border wall with Mexico and the Muslim travel ban. In February, Kelly told lawmakers on Capitol Hill that President Trump’s executive order banning immigrants from seven predominantly Muslim countries was “lawful and constitutional.” In May, Secretary Kelly publically criticized politicians for celebrating the lack of border wall funding in the budget deal.

Trump’s tweet comes on the heels of a tumultous week for White House staffers and exactly one week after Sean Spicer announced his resignation as White House Press Secretary. Spicer’s departure was said to be largely due to Trump’s appointing Anthony Scaramucci as White House communications director. On Thursday, Scaramucci told the New Yorker‘s Ryan Lizza that Reince Priebus, who he described as “a fucking paranoid schizophrenic,” would be asked to resign soon. Scaramucci accused Priebus of trying to “c— block” him and keep him out of the White House. He blames Priebus for a series of high-profile leaks that affected his relationship with Trump.

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