College Football Looking to Shorten Game Time

In this age of hurry and wait, I want it now, professional sports organizations have been looking for ways to speed up the time it takes to play the games.

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In football the teams play for 60 minutes of clock time but the actual game can take three hours or more. Things like excessive penalties, high scoring games, and endless television commercials can add significantly to the time it takes to play the game.

College football fans will find some changes in televised games beginning in a few weeks when the NCAA begins the 2017 football season. The Pac 12 has announced that the halftime period for non-conference games will be shortened by five minutes – from 20 to 15 minutes. They have also announced that there will be fewer commercials during the broadcast.

In the MAC Conference the second half kickoff will begin as soon as the halftime clock reaches zero and the Commissioner is instructing officials to speed up placing the ball after each play.

Sports broadcasting network ESPN has promised to work harder at returning from ad time back to the game and to hold their talking heads to the 20 minute halftime limit.

While there are those who view the commercial breaks as a signal as the cue to head for the toilet or the refrigerator, the continuous three minute breaks add considerably to the length of the games.

The NFL has also announced that they will cut back on the commercial ad breaks in each quarter and they will be revamping how they handle the video reviews.

While cutting ad time will significantly reduce the amount of overall game time, it will be a difficult task to achieve since the networks depend on those very same commercial ads for the desperately needed revenue to pay for the rights to air the games. And when the big games like NCAA championships and Super Bowls the networks make four and five million dollars for each 30 second commercial.

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