Final Rounds Before Live Shows on SYTYCD

It’s the final round of choreography on “So You Think You Can Dance” when the 30 remaining dancers take on Jazz with Sonya Tayeh.


At the end of the round the All Star mentors will eliminate one more dancer from their teams.

During rehearsals two of the dancers collide on stage and go down. One dancer required the services of a medic.

Fik-Shun tells his team that it isn’t about learning movement but life.

Gaby’s team was up first. Gaby eliminated Natalie from her team.

Up next was Paul’s team. Noting that all three girls’ versatility is amazing, Paul chose to eliminate Ramida from his team.

Only 20 remain and from there the All Stars will choose whom they will take to the life shows.

After getting kicked in the head, team Robert’s Jennifer had to go to the hospital for stitches and withdrew from the competition. He told his remaining team members that he needed to see more of who they were.

Last up in the Jazz round was Jenna’s team. Krumper Kevin had some trouble during rehearsals but it was Riley who got eliminated because Jenna didn’t feel the connection. Jenna did admit that she was angry with Kevin for giving up on himself; especially after letting go of two of her best dancers.

In the final round before the live shows, the All Stars take to the dance floor with their two remaining team members. From there they will choose who makes it to the live shows.

Marco got the All Star Round started off dancing with each of his team members. Marco said that he could feel it with Kione but Sophia was…wow!

Next up was team Gaby. The All Stars noted that they finally saw Lex smile but Gaby felt that Lex depended on her and was concerned about performing on the life shows.

Cyrus was looking to bring the character in his routine. Cyrus noted that Havoc struggled with the choreography but brings the passion.

Comfort noted that she had to chose who made her feel good and who she felt comfortable with on the stage.

Noting that she has dancers with two completely different styles, Jenna choreographed two separate teams for her team members. She and Kiki performed a Paso Doble. She chose a krump routine with Kevin. Jenna noted that it was the best Kevin had done. The routine left Jenna’s fellow All Stars speechless. Cyrus said that they all had goosebumps when she danced with Kevin.

Next week “So You Think You Can Dance” and the All Stars reveal the top 10 as the dancers give their first live performances for fan votes.

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