Leaked Information from Apple Hints at Future Augmented Reality Glasses


The Apple Company has recently filed a patent for a device that could use augmented reality to feed people information about the physical world. Now people are speculating that Apple could launch a pair of glasses for this purpose.

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With games and tech constantly evolving and developers finding new ways to create smoother, more enjoyable experiences for users, there’s an increasing popularity in the idea of bringing the real world and virtual world together through augmented reality. After the success of Pokemon GO and other instances over the last couple of years, Apple has displayed an interest in AR with iOS devices.


Apple’s Work with AR


Company CEO Tim Cook commented last year in an interview with ABC News that they were “investigating multiple ways virtual and augmented reality could be implemented into future iOS devices or new hardware products,” but did not indicate what form it could take, or how long. In June, Apple announced the upcoming release of an “ARKit,” which will allow users to experience augmented reality on their iOS devices.


AR Glasses?


More recently, a leaked document stated that the patent is for a “method for representing points of interest in a view of a real environment on a mobile device.” Now many people believe this could be a step toward Apple eventually announcing AR glasses that could be used with an iPhone to show them the world in a new way.


While AR glasses are still in the realm of speculation for users, Apple developers have made it known through recent announcements that they plan to move forward with AR projects. Other tech and gaming companies have also been embracing the potential future of AR with their products, meaning Apple is not alone in its endeavors and research. As for what other plans the company has in store, users will have to wait and see.

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