Mushrooms, Fungus, and Zombies on ‘Face Off’

Only six artists remain on this season of “Face Off”. Last week Twisted Six Effects earned their first win of the season with a possessed character challenge.

But this week the artists face an outbreak…

Face Off

When the artists enter the lab they find McKenzie standing among some gurneys with needles and blood on the floor. She tells them that some patients who have been infected with a parasitic fungus have escaped. A parasitic fungus destroys from inside and then kills the infected person by bursting through their bodies.

This challenge is based on real life fungi.

The challenge this week is to create three zombies in various stages of infection – one day, seven days, and 30 days.

Andrew is the foreperson tor Twisted Six Effects and Kierstin is the foreperson for Ethereal Effects this week.

Ethereal Effects chose the Octopus Stinkhorn fungus and Twisted Six Effects chose the brain mushroom fungus.

Ethereal Effects:
Kierstin had day one
Faina had day seven
Nelson had 30 days

Twisted Six Effects:
Phil had day one
KC had day seven
Andrew had 30 days

Michael Westmore visits the lab to offer his advice to the artists. He tells Phil that his sculpt looks more like a burn than an infection. In discussing the problem with Michael, Phil sees what he needs to do.

When the artists return to the lab they find that their molds look good and have no issues.

KC is having a great time with the challenge; saying that it’s her favourite challenge so far. All of the artists are have a good time with the challenge even though it required a lot of work. While they work the artists discuss who would survive the longest as a zombie and who would be the first to go.

Phil is creating a brain mushroom fungus for his character. The mold didn’t set right and he will have to start over with a new one on application day.

Ethereal Effects has an issue with their zombies looking cohesive and foreperson Kierstin is afraid that their shop’s characters won’t read as zombies.

There is still much work to do going into last looks.

Faina is worried about her paint job.

Joining judges Glenn Hetrick, Ve Neill, and Neville Page this week is award winning creative director Neil Druckman.

After the reveal and closer looks, the judges speak with each of the artists.

The judges said that KC captured the quintessence of the design with stunning success; adding that her character worked well from afar and had subtle detail up close with a great paint job.

Nelson’s paint job was muddy, dry, and chalky. Neville noted that Nelson had the beginnings of something cool and had some nice detail up close.

Phil didn’t quite get the fungus look on his character’s face and didn’t fit the challenge. The judges wanted more elements and didn’t look like what he was trying to do.

The judges said that Andrew’s zombie was beautiful and well done; adding that it felt unique and different. They said that his sculpture and shapes were extraordinarily successful and read well from afar. Glenn said that he wanted to shoot it and see how many bullets it would take to kill it.

The judges noted that Faina’s work was not like anything they were used to seeing from her and wasn’t her best work.

Kirstin’s character was well executed with a nice balance; adding that the prosthetics felt authentic. The judges said that Andrew’s zombie harmonized the shop but also shackled them.

The judges noted that this week Ethereal Effects didn’t seem to know how the fungus worked. For Twisted Six Effects they said that KC and Andrew did very well but Phil’s zombie didn’t fit in with the others.

Host McKenzie Westmore told the artists that the name of this season was divide and conquer and there would be no more winning shops and it was time to divide them once again. For the remainder of the season the artists are on their own.

The winner this week and the first artist to move in to the semi finals is KC. Glenn said that her work this week was incredible and very accurate.

Joining KC in the semi finals are:
and Nelson

Only one spot remains with two artists to fill it. The final artist in the semi finals is Faina. Phil has been eliminated.

Next week two artists will go home…and McKenzie has a surprise for them.

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