Jessica Domingo – DIY Music the You Tube Way

Multi instrumentalist and songwriter Jessica Domingo is a modern day performer who has learned how to take full advantage of technology by employing electronic sounds and digitized music into her songs.


The Seattle native has garnered over 50,000 You Tube subscribers who have played her videos millions of times.

Jessica broke on to the music scene in 2014 with her full length debut album “Just Vibe”.

Since the release of her debut album, Jessica has released two more albums – “Masterpiece” and “Moonplay” – and is fastly approaching the five million views mark for her You Tube videos.

In a recent interview Jessica said that she will be releasing a new single later this month. And while the song itself is ready to go, she hasn’t quite decided on a title for the song. Jessica is also working on some new tunes as she prepares to release a new album some time next year.

An independent artist, Jessica has delved head long into the DIY music business. She found producers for her own music by studying other You Tube videos and serves as her own manager and booking agent.

Along with a new single this months, Jessica will be giving a performance on Revolt TV where she will be performing with a live band.

Jessica is also looking to the future where she hops to do more collaborations with various producers and fellow musicians.

Jessica Domingo is a music artist of the present…and the future…that embodies modern devices and technologies to create her music.

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