The Finals are Set on ‘World of Dance’

Only six dancers or teams remain on “World of Dance” and do indeed represent countries from around the world. This week is the Divisional Finals where only three of the performers will make it through to the Finals.

World of Dance

First up is the Team Division with Kinjaz and Swing Latino.

The Kinjaz take to the stage first with a routine that they have dedicated to their parents and families – some of whom who have survived the Vietnam War. Ne-Yo said that the team was amazing and no one could match their precision but felt like there was no magic moment in the dance. Derek disagreed saying that the magic was in the precision of the movement. Jennifer said that they were crazy clean and their emotion as a group had power. The Kinjaz scored 92.3 points for their dance.

Choosing a routine that represented their Latin culture, Swing Latino brought the judges to their feet. Derek noted that they embodied “World of Dance”. While he called the routine unbelievable, he felt that they weren’t as clean as they have been in the past. Noting the numerous dance styles within the routine, Jennifer said that they represented everybody. Ne-Yo said that it was not a one sided competition; adding that the group was passionate in their performance. Swing Latino score 94.7 points for their dance and will represent the Team division in the Finals.

Up next was the Upper Division with married couple Keone and Mari and twin brothers from France Les Twins.

Keone and Mari chose to dance to their wedding song – The Way You Look Tonight by Fran Sinatra – and dressed to appear as if they were in black and white. Saying that they had some smart choreography, Derek said that they made him feel good. Ne-Yo said that their power and strength was in their ability to tell a story. Jennifer called them the Fred and Ginger of this generation. Keone and Mari scored 95 points for their dance including a perfect score of 100 from Ne-Yo.

Les Twins face a tough challenge and it became even tougher during the week when one of the brothers had a bad fall resulted in a badly twisted leg. Despite injury Les Twins went on stage with one brother using a wheelchair and brought the judges to their feet. Ne-Yo said that he didn’t feel the injury was a disadvantage; adding that the brothers have a twin connection. Jennifer called the routine one of the more powerful pieces he had seen. Derek called the routine emotional and heartfelt; adding that it was a great performance. Les Twins scored 97.7 points for their routine, earning them a spot in the finals over Keone and Mari.

The final performances of the night were from the Junior Division with eleven year old Diana Pombo and 14 year of Eva Igo.

Diana took to the floor first that had Jennifer saying she loved to watch Diana dance and it gives her chills every time. Derk noted that Diana takes control of the stage when she performs. Saying that she did a fantastic job, Ne-Yo noted that he saw more dancing in this routine but her facial expressions didn’t match what she was doing on the stage. Diana scored 89.3 points for her dance.

In the final performance of the night, Eva Igo gave a performance that had the crowd cheering and clapping. Jennifer noted that at first while she thought Eva was an amazing performer, there was something missing…but not anymore. Derek said that he got chils. Eva scored 96.7 points for her dance and will represent the Junior in the Finals.

Next week the finalists will compete for the million dollar prize.

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