NASCAR Makes Overtime Changes

In order the end a race under green flag conditions whenever possible, a few years ago NASCAR enacted an overtime policy where they would make three attempts at a green/white/checker finish.


The ruling was later revised to eliminate the three attempts to unlimited attempts and an overtime line was created. After a restart once the lead car reached the overtime line with no caution flags – along the backstretch – the race was considered complete even if a caution was thrown after the leader passed the overtime line.

Once again NASCAR has made a change in the overtime format. The overtime line has been moved back to the original start/finish line but there is still no limit to the number of overtime starts that may be needed to complete the race under green.

The new ruling takes effect immediately beginning with the races in Watkins Glen this weekend and will be effective for all three NASCAR racing series – Monster Energy Cup, Xfinity, and the Camping World Trucks.

Speaking on the change Senior Vice President of Competition for NASCAR Scott Miller said, “this has been something we’ve discussed for a while now, and it’s a balance to ensure the most fair competition for our drivers and the best race for the fans. Obviously, it’s been a hot topic of late, and we’re aware of the discussions. We take that very seriously, especially the fan feedback. We’ve shown that we’ll act decisively if we think it’ll result in the best racing for the fans.

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