New Annabel Movie ‘Creation’ Connects to The First

The upcoming new Annabelle horror movie ‘Creation’ is not intended as a sequel, but a prequel that goes back in time to relate the origin story. Each movie plays as a kind of stand alone narrative with the creepy Annabelle doll the main focus.

New Annabel Movie ‘Creation’ Connects to The First

Released Soon! August 11

However the film’s producer Peter Safran says that the two movies will be connected by the related events that ultimately play out and continue as the movie unfolds. The two will become part of “the Conjuring Universe”.

“We made the first Annabelle as a stand alone movie, but with its success and certainly even before it came out, after we tested it, we knew we’d made a successful movie. You start thinking about where can you go with it, because it’s a great character. It was actually Gary Dauberman who came up with it, who is our writer… it was his idea to go back and give the real origin story of Annabelle. And I think it is feathered into Annabelle 1, in a really clever and innovative manner at the end of this movie. I think people will be really satisfied with the way that they dovetail together.”

‘Creation’, due to be released August 11 contains a different set of characters from the original ‘Annabelle’ movie. The centre of the action is on a group of orphan girls and their caretaker (Stephanie Sigman) who happens to be a nun. They are stranded after their orphanage is closed down. Soon the girls find that the orphanage is haunted by the a few demonic spirits. And then there’s that scary Annabel doll and the real fun begins.

Also Safran did admit that it’s fairly important to have Annabelle: ‘Creation’ tie back to the first Annabelle if the main aim is to have all the movies become part of the James Wan’s “Conjuring” franchise or Universe. All concerned are now striving for continuity and an obvious cohesion between all of their projects ( Annabelle and the Conjuring films, etc.)

Those facts aside, the movie Creation promises to chill you to the bone in the heat of the summer. It is peppered with some old school ‘jump scares’ and pops just to keep viewer’s blood flowing. Take a look at the trailer below for a few pre-chills before the movie’s release August 11.


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