The Bachelorette 2017: Rachel Lindsay is Engaged!

During the August 7, 2017 episode of The Bachelorette with Rachel Lindsay, she and the three remaining men continued to get to know each other better during their trip to Spain. While there, she enjoyed an overnight date with each of the three men. This was a continuation from last week, when she went on the first overnight date with one of them.

Below is a brief recap of the show, as well as the list of the men who received roses this week … and those who did not.

SPOILER ALERT: Do not read further if you do not want to know what happened this week!

Brief Bachelorette Recap August 7, 2017:

Tonight’s finale was handled differently than in the past. Rachel actually was on hand to watch the show with the audience, which made her nervous.

Last week, Rachel had her overnight date with Eric. This week, the overnight dates continued, beginning with Peter.

Rachel has been concerned that she might choose Peter and he would not propose to her. He might just want to be her boyfriend. That is what happened with her previous relationship, which lasted five years. She does not want to go through that again. Despite her concerns, at the end of their day together, the two of them decided to spend more time together in the Fantasy suite for an overnight date. in the morning, Peter told her that he still had doubts, but they are fading.

The final date was with Bryan. He started the day by kissing her passionately and she told him that she had missed him. They explored the local vineyards on horseback. He told her how confident he was that he is the one for her, and he again said that he loves her. They talked about their family time during the hometown dates, and he believed their date went well. Rachel was a little distracted after her date with Peter, and Bryan noticed it. They talked about it and then decided to go to the Fantasy Suite and spend more time with each other.

After the overnight dates, Rachel told Chris that she now had the clarity she needed.

During the rose ceremony, Rachel immediately gave a rose to Bryan. She admited she was struggling in the choice between keeping Eric or Peter because she believed Eric loves her, but isn’t ready for marriage; while Peter is ready for marriage, but isn’t willing to propose. This is a quandary for her. Eventually, she gave the rose to Peter and sent Eric home.

The show returned to the present and Eric came onstage with Rachel. They talked about the night when she sent him home. They both felt that Eric matured a lot as a result of his time on the show.

Back to her dates in Spain, Rachel took Bryan on a hot air balloon ride. They both reaffirmed their positive feelings about their relationship. Bryan hoped he said everything he could to convince her of his feelings for her.

Then Rachel went on her last date with Peter. They went to the Monasterio de Valvanera, where they had a wonderful time. While there, they talk about marriage with a monk. Peter was still uncertain whether Rachel was the one for him. After their conversations, Rachel was not convinced that she had any more clarity about Peter. She feared he was not as committed as she is. Peter encouraged her to take a chance.

Finally, however, Rachel sent Peter home after painful good-byes.

Rachel is now engaged to Bryan!

Who Is the Man Rachel Kept at the End of The Bachelorette?

Bryan Abasolo – 37 – chiropractor for the Accident and Injury Team in Miami, FL.

Who Were the Men Rachel Sent Home on 7/24/17?

Eric Bigger – 29 – motivational speaker, fitness enthusiast and personal trainer in Los Angeles. Former model and author of the book, 100 Days of Wisdom.
Peter Kraus – 31 – personal trainer and business owner in Madison, Wisconsin

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