Top 10 Revealed on First SYTYCD Live Show

The live shows have finally arrived on “So You Think You Can Dance” and the All Stars will reveal their partners as they perform for the judges…and fan votes…for the first time.


The night of dance in the first two hour show of the season begins with a group performance to “Knocking on Heaven’s Door” by the All Stars. Emmy nominated choreographer Mandy Moore created the dance the All Stars presented on a new set for the first time.

Allison injured her shoulder in rehearsals and will not be performing tonight.

The judges for this season of SYTYCD dance are Vanessa Hudgens, Mary Murphy, and executive producer and head judge Nigel Lythgoe.

Up first was Fik-Shun who had to chose between Dassy and Kyle as his dance partner. Saying that it was a tough decision, Fik-Shun chose Korean dancer Dassy for his partner. The duo gets the competition started off with a Hip=Hop dance. Mary loved the routine; adding what a way to start the show. May said that she was excited for the partnership and Fik-Shun finally found his match and they had some unreal chemistry. Nigel said that they had more body part moving than he realized there was in an anatomy. Agreeing with her fellow judges, Vanessa called the routine fantastic, explosive, and dynamic.

Up next was Allison but after hurting her shoulder during rehearsals on Sunday a substitute dancer was needed in very short order. Season nine SYTYCD alum Audrey stepped in and learned the routine in only a few hours on Monday. Allison had to choose between Zachery and Logan. She chose Logan. After leaving SYTYCD Zachery was cast in “Cats” as Mr. Mestapholes. Nigel liked the choreography and thanked Tyce Diorio for the routine. Nigel noted that Audrey was stunning after having only a few hours to learn the dance; adding that Logan is a stunning dancer. Saying that her heart was in all sorts of places, Vanessa noted the emotion, strength, and passion in the dance calling the routine so beautiful. Mary said that they were the wings of the choreography; adding that Logan deserves to be there.

Jenna had to choose between Concrete and Kiki and she chose Ballroom dancer Kiki to be her partner. Dancing a Cha Cha, host Cat Deely called it a slightly dirty routine that made her weak in the knees. Mary called Jenna a dynamic dancer and Latin hotness; adding that that she had not seen a more grounded women. Noting that Kiki has been under her radar, Mary said that he blew her away. After congratulating Dmitri Chaplin on the choreography, Nigel said that it was a great routine and noted that Jenna was so sensational that he couldn’t take his eyes off of her; adding that he hopes the audience will see Kiki who is a world class dancer.

Cyrus had to choose between Havoc and Kaylee; he chose Kaylee to be his partner. Performing a Contemporary dance, Mary said that they were stunning together; adding that it was a great routine and there was something fascinating about Kaylee. Noting that Cyrus chose to pick a partner who was out of his chosen style, Nigel said that he needed to see more from Kaylee. Vanessa loved watching Kaylee dance but wanted to see more weightlessness in her dancing.

Tap dancing Gaby had to choose between Lex and Evan; she chose Lex to be her partner. Host Cat Deely said that the routine was Fred and Ginger meets James Brown. Nigel said that the dance was so elegant and beautiful; adding that Lex is a great all around dancer and one of the best dancers he has ever seen. Vanessa said that they were so good together; adding that it was fantastic and she loved it. Vanessa said that Gaby looked stunning. Putting the pair on her hot tamale train, Mary called Lex Mr. Talented.

Comfort’s final two was Mark and Deja and she chose Mark for her partner. Cat said that the routine was cool and so good. Vanessa said that it was an amazing routine by Luther Brown; adding that the couple were on fire together and Mark killed it. Saying to give it up for Luther, Mary said that she loved Luther’s vibe. Mary noted that Comfort and Mark’s chemistry was out of this world and they lit up the stage. Nigel said that Comfort looked great and danced brilliantly; adding that he loved the partnering. Calling him Bruno Mars little brother, Nigel said that Mark was going to steal the show.

Marko had to choose between Sophia and Koine; saying that both dancers stood up to him but he believed in going with his gut, Marko chose Koine to be his partner and performed a routine that brought the judges to their feet. After thanking Stacey Tookey for the routine, the lighting crew, and the camera personnel; Mary said that the duo gave the dance life; adding that it was ethereal and looked effortless. Agreeing with Mary, Nigel said that the dance flowed and was effortless and brilliant. Noting that the two suited each other, Nigel asked that they tell them when they set the date. Vanessa called the dance beautiful. Pure, and graceful; adding that Koine was a gorgeous dancer; she added that the dance was magical and other worldly.

Paul had to choose between Christina and Sydney to be his partner; he chose Sydney. The pair performed a Ballroom dance choreographed by “Dancing With The Stars” champion Valentin Chmerkovskiiy. Saying that it was great to welcome Val to SYTYCD and noting his wonderful work on DWTS, Nigel said that Sydney showed some real talent in her dance tonight. Nigel noted that Sydney had been under his radar but after tonight’s dance, he would never forget her. Vanessa said that the pair was so dynamic together; adding that Sydney was a phenomenal dancer but she wanted more umph and pizzazz from her. Saying that they were great together, Mary called the dance fun, fast, and furious.

Robert had to choose between Jonathan and Taylor to be his partner; he chose Taylor. The pair performed a Contemporary dance to an A Cappella song choreographed by Travis Wall that brought the judges to their feet. Saying that she was a mess, Vanessa called the dance insane and stupendous; adding that at this moment things everything really did change for Taylor; adding that the dance took her breath away. Vanessa said that the dance was so sharp and fluid. Mary called the dance a routine that they would remember 10 years from now; adding that it was amazing. Saying that Travis just showed them why he is an Emmy nominated choreographer, Nigel called Robert a brilliant partner; adding that he didn’t remember Taylor but she is an incredible dancer and the routine was fantastic.

Rounding out the top 10, Jasmine had to choose between Howard and Robert. She chose Robert for her partner. During the video clip of the decision, Howard was very emotional. Jasmine and Robert performed a Hip-Hop routine to Bruno Mars choreographed by Christopher Scott. Mary called it an amazing wicked dance; adding that Robert is Mr. Entertainer of the night. Nigel called the routine so hot that they needed to call the fire brigade; adding that Jasmine was a stunning dancer and he loved the swagger and style of Robert. Saying that she loved it, Vanessa called the pair fantastic together.

In the final performance of the night, the All Stars and top 10 joined forces for a group routine choreographed by Amanda and Wade Robson with Tony Tesla.

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