Alien Invasion of ‘Face Off’

“Face Off” has reached another semi finals in this season of “Divide and Conquer”. Only five artists remain for three spots in the finals. This week is a double elimination challenge.

Face Off

Up until now the artists have worked in teams, this week it it their first individual challenge and they will be working totally alone on each character.

When the artists enter the lab they see radar looking devices and items that look like briefcases. Host McKenzie Westmore tells that NASA and various universities have been hearing a variety of sounds from outer space. The artists are to choose one of the briefcases – radio kits with an actual space recording – and use the sound they hear to create a fun and friendly alien.

Andrew designed a rock star alien
KC designed an amphibious alien from Europa
Faina designed a smooth talking salesman alien
Kierstin designed an alien with no real facial features
Nelson designed what he called a bobblehead birdman

Mentor Michael Westmore visits the lab to offer some advice to the artists. Having worked on a number of “Star Trek” episodes, Michael is familiar with all variety of aliens.

Nelson is a bit worried that the judges will think his alien looks silly.

Faina is having trouble figuring out how to make her face sculpt look alien. She decides to sleep on it and begins working on her cowl. After sleeping on it, Faina has a better idea of how to create her alien’s face.

KC has trouble getting her cowl mold open. Getting some help from Nelson they can hear cracking noises and she is very concerned about getting it open without losing the mold. Kierstin comes to help and they finally get the mold open and everything is fine.

After getting into the mold room on day one, Nelson is able to pre-paint his face piece on day two. He is still worried about whether or not the judges will think his alien is too silly.

KC has a very thick edge on her cowl and has to work to make some major repairs to cover the rough edges.

The weight of Andrew’s cowl is causing it to sink on his model’s head and he has to find a way to make it work and look good.

In last looks, KC’s model is sweating and the makeup is coming off and causing her some issues.

Andrew is worried about his edges.

Faina is not in love with her makeup.

When the artists come to the reveal stage McKenze tells them she has a big surprise for them – a special guest judge is joining Glenn Hetrick, Ve Neil, and Neville Page…seven time Academy Award winning makeup artist Rick Baker.

After the reveal and closer looks the judges speak with each of the artists…

The judges said that Andrew stuck a balance between realism and fun, did extraordinarily well creating a gorgeous creation, paid attention to the nostrils, and was dead on with the challenge. Rick said that he could see Andrew’s alien in a space movie

KC’s alien was fun and friendly with some really great sculpting but the paint job was a bit too busy. The alien had a great profile. The judges noted that KC has been getting better each week.

The judges said that Faina had a very clever design that looked fun but not ridiculous. Noting that the paint job did not read great from a distance, the judges said that she did a great job of blending; adding that sculpturally she did she did a good job and had beautiful edges. The judges said that her alien was appropriate for the challenge.

Neville asked Kierstin where she had been; adding that she did what she needed to do and had a great design. The judges said that her alien was beautifully painted and had a profile that was breathtaking.

Nelson’s alien read fun right away and the judges loved the eyes. The judges said that Nelson did a great job adapting to the challenge and the green paint job was unique and a successful element.

The winner of the challenge and the first person to move on to the finals is Kierstin!

Joining her in the finals are Andrew and KC. Faina and Nelson have been eliminated from the competiton.

Next week the artists take a journey into fear.

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