‘World of Dance’ Crowns a Winner

It’s the final night of “World of Dance” and three performers will battle it out one more time for the grand prize of one million dollars. Junior division champion 14 year old Eva Igo, Upper division champions French twin brothers Les Twins, and team division champions Colombians Swing Latino.

World of Dance

Up until now the dancers only had to perform one routine this week for the finale the dancers have to perform twice. The artists get to choose one song to dance to and their mentor judge chooses a song for them to dance to.

Up first are Les Twins. Last week one of the brothers was injured during rehearsals and performed using a wheel chair. This week there is no wheelchair and the crutches have been left off stage. Noting that the guys deserved to be there, Derek said that he couldn’t tell who was injured. Ne-Yo said that they showed pure emotion with their artistic decisions. Jennifer said that she chose the song “Stole the Show” because she felt that was what the guys were doing. Les Twins scored 93 points for their dance.

Derek chose the Gloria Estefan hit “Conga” for Swing Latino. One of the dancer broke his ankle and was unable to dance. In the trick filled routine with plenty of dancers flying around, Ne-Yo noted that they were risk takers – not just in the dance, but with their lives. Saying that he is always on the edge of his seat, but the routine wasn’t as clean in some places; adding that the energy was great and a joy to watch. Jennifer said that she could feel the energy and the joy of them being there. Swing Latino scored 91.7 points for their dance.

The final performance of round one was Eva Igo with her performance to the song Ne-Yo chose – “In the Air Tonight”. Calling Eva the complete package, Derek said that it was magical watching her evolve. Ne-Yo said that she performed beautifully. Jennifer noted that Eva has matured over the weeks; adding that no matter what happens Eva has won. Eva scored 91 points for her dance.

After round one Les Twins were at the top of the leader board with 93 points; followed by Swing Latino with 91,7 points and Eva Igo. With 91 points.

Up first in round two is Eva Igo. Saying that it was more like it, Jennifer noted that in the first routine she felt that the choreography was lacking but in this dance it was amazing; adding that she saw moves from Eva that they haven’t seen before. Saying what a way to come back, Dere called Eva a star. Ne-Yo noted that there is a ferociousness about Eva when she dances. Eva scored 96.3 points on her second dance for an average of 93.7 points.

Swing Latino performed another dance that was filed with the guys throwing the girls around. Ne-Yo noted that they are the most energetic and loudest group; adding that they were nerve wracking and entertaining at the same time. Jennifer noted that the dance was very clean this time; adding that she like the dance better than the first time around. Derek said that the group had precision and so together; adding that they keep adding the danger to their dances. Swing Latino scored 94.7 points for their dance and had an average score of 93.2 points for both dances. With an average score lower than that of Eva Igo, Swing Latino has been eliminated from the competition.

In the final dance of the competition, Les Twins brought the judges to their feet and the crowd screaming with their performance. Noting that they danced to a very familiar song, Ne-Yo said that the brothers Les Twinned it and made it their own. Saying that they were so strong, Derek said that the guys created an invisible energy that they can see. Jennifer called the brothers oil and vinegar – perfect together; adding that they were so powerful and amazing. Les Twins scored 94.7 points for their dance and with an average score of 93.8 points, Les Twins were crowned the winners in “World of Dance” and take home the million dollar prize.

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