Gamevice Sues Nintendo Over Gaming Controller Patent

Nintendo Switch

Nintendo Switch via Wikimedia

The new Nintendo console’s release and distribution has caused some conflict between gaming and entertainment competitors. Tablet-developer Gamevice is currently suing Nintendo for its Nintendo Switch portable design and controller functions. The lawsuit makes the claim that the Nintendo Switch violates Gamevice’s Wikipad patent.


Gamevice’s Wikipad


This began when the Wikipad was launched in 2013 by Gamevice as a portable gaming system for Android games, music, movies, and other entertainment. However, the product didn’t take off, which led to the launch of the tablet and smartphone detachable controller pieces instead.


Striking Similarities


Then in early 2017 introduced the so far successful Nintendo Switch, whose portable component and removable Joy-Cons are similar to ideas for the Wikipad and detachable gaming controllers by Gamevice. The Switch and Wikipad share functionalities such as those of the analog D-pad, analog sticks, analog buttons, and shoulder buttons on the controllers. With these similarities as evidence, now Gamevice is taking its case to court for damages.


According to Engadget, Gamevice wants Nintendo to ban its future sales of the Nintendo Switch and pay all damages for the alleged patent infringement. For now, both Nintendo and Gamevice have declined to give any comment on the state of the lawsuit.


This is not Nintendo’s first time being sued over its most recent products. For instance, a lawsuit erupted in 2014 due to a motion control patent infringement claim made by Philips, which threatened to shut down sales of the Wii U. Time will tell whether or not Gamevice succeeds in its lawsuit against the Nintendo Switch.



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