Getting Haunted on ‘Face Off’ Finale

“Face Off” has reached the end of another season with the two part grand finale. Kierstin, KC, and Andrew will compete for the title and the $100,000 prize.

Face Off

The artists walk into some abandoned woods where they find McKenzie Westmore and Glenn Hetrick in front of a creepy looking house – the house was used in two “Friday the 13th” movies and “Pumpkinhead”.

A haunted house enthusiast, Glenn is creating a haunt of his own that he calls “Journey into Fear” where a walk through the house is like walking through a horror movie with each room traveling further back in time.

Helping Glenn to bring his haunted house to life, the artists must create two characters that belong in one of the themed rooms.

For this challenge the artists get a little help from eliminated artists.
Andrew chose Nelson and Josepth
Kierstin chose Phil and Suzanne
KC chose Faina and Jill

Kierstin chose the Temple where they bring forth an evil demon
KC chose Hell where visitors will get an audience with the King of Hell himself
Saying it was what he wanted, Andrew took the laboratory where an evil German doctor is experimenting on his patient.

For this challenge the artists will have three days to create their characters before they will get a test run in front of the public. After making adjustments and reworking the characters, the artists will reveal their completed characters at the grand opening of the “Face Off” haunted house.

The artists were provided with scripts and descriptions of their characters.

Noting that several of the characters require some fabrication, Glenn said that he has brought back a fan favourite to help with fabrication – Roy.

Before they return to the lab, Glenn meets with each of the artists to offer his thoughts on their designs.

KC makes horns for a living and is excited to put horns on one of her characters. Glenn told KC that she had the opportunity to create a next level scare for people with her creations.

Having worked with haunted houses, Andrew said that he has a vivid idea of what Glenn is looking for in his characters.

Back in the lab, the artists begin working on their sculpts. Mentor Michael Westmore visits the lab to offer some advice to the artists on their designs.

On day two the artists continue their sculpting and molding. Roy visits the lab to lend a hand with the fabrications for the artists.

When Andrew opens his face mold he finds a few minor tears, but says that it is workable.

On day three Jill attempts to pop the hand molds but they weren’t dry yet and are unusable.

The models arrive for application.

Andrew is pre-painting the face piece for his evil doctor and will apply it in last looks.

Kierstin is having issues with her face piece because it is heavy – even in silicone – and won’t stick. Worried that she won’t get done in time, the face finally sticks to the model.

Andre is having some issues with the doctor’s lip sticking.

In the end KC decides to scrap the horns because she doesn’t like the way things look.

The artists arrive at the sound stage with their models where the public will get their first look at the haunted house residents.

Glenn said that it is so awesome to see things come together. He and Michael Westmore offer additional advice and suggestions to the artists for characters.

KC has a lot of changes to make on her characters.

The wing for one of Andrew’s characters broke on the way over to the sound stage and cannot be used.

Glenn loves Kierstin’s design but wants more contrast in her paint scheme and he has a problem with the hands.

The audience’s reaction to the characters was very positive

It wouldn’t be a “Face Off” final challenge without a few surprises…
Glenn said that one of the most important things is to get an audience in the right frame of mind. With that in mind he has decided to create a themed entrance area as people the house. The artists must create an additional floater character for that entrance area.

Next week the final reveal and winner announced.

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