NASCAR Issues Michigan Penalties

The lug nut monster took the week off last week at Michigan International Speedway, but two two teams from the Camping World Truck Series were issued penalties that resulted in fines and suspensions.


Darrell Wallace Jr made his first start in the Camping World Truck Series in over two years, winning the race. But during post race inspection his 99 MDM Motorsports truck was found to be in violation with the vent holes in the truck bed cover.

As a result of the infraction, NASCAR has deemed the win encumbered; but Wallace is not in the running for the championship and did not earn any points for the win. Crew chief Shane Huffman was fined $5,000 and suspended for one race. MDM Motorsports has been docked 10 ownership points.


The number 98 ThorSport Racing truck driven by Grant Enfinger encountered violation issues during pre-qualifying inspection and in post race inspection.

During pre-qualifying inspection NASCAR deemed that the extra weight was improperly installed.

During post race inspection the number 98 truck failed to reach the proper height measurements.

As a result of the violations Crew chief Jeff Hensley was fined $5,000 and suspended for two races. Truck chief Josh Hankish was also suspended for two races. Grant Enfinger was docked 10 driver points and truck owner ThroSport was docked 10 owner points.

With the loss of 10 points, Enfinger is now below the cut line for making the playoffs by 24 points. Enfinger’s eighth place finish has also been deemed encumbered by NASCAR.

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