Top Nine Perform on SYTYCD

This week on “So You Think You Can Dance” the nine remaining dancers and their All Stars will take to the dance floor for fan votes and at the end of the night one more dancer will be eliminated.

The night of dancing begins with a group dance choreographed by Luther Brown.

Again this week the dancers will perform two dances – a duet with their All Star and a solo.

First up are Logan and Allison with a Jive choreographed by Emma Slater and Sasha Farber from “Dancing with the Stars”. Noting that the dance is supposed to be fun, Mary said that Logan had it all and it was the perfect routine for him; adding that she loved every second of it. Last week Logan found himself in the bottom three but he was saved by Nigel. This week Nigel said that he showed why he doesn’t belong in the bottom three. Vanessa called Logan a rock star.

Kaylee performed her solo.

Sydney performed her solo.

Koine and Marco performed a Dave Scott Hip-Hop routine that brought the crowd to their feet. Nigel said that Dave took an innocent young woman and turned her into a wild animal; adding that he had to thank Dave for that. He added that Koine got into character well and did a tremendous job. Calling the routine amazing and so incredible, Vanessa called Koine talend and diverse. Mary noted that Koine turned into a completely different person; adding the duo compliments each other well and has great chemistry.

Dassy and Fik-Shun performed a Ray Leeper Jazz routine. Vanessa noted that there was no doubt that Ray made Dassy sexy; adding that it the routine was so much fun. Mary said that Dassy definitely brought the funk to the dance; adding that she hit everything with confidence. While Nigel thought the routine was slightly naughty, he said that the dancers were very clean with their moves. Host Cat Deely called the pair a really cute partnership.

Kiki performed his solo dance.

Mark and Comort performed a Talia Favia Contemporary dance. Mary said that dance had some beautiful choreography and they brought it to life; adding it was special tonight. Nigel noted that Comfort totally immersed herself in the character and Mark was willing to do whatever was asked of him and puts his heart into it. Saying that the duo shined tonight, Vaness noted that the dance was raw and beautiful; adding the duo has some insane chemistry.

Taylor performed her solo.

Maddie Ziegler returned to SYTYCD for a visit to promote her new animated film “Leap” where she voices
a snobby ballerina who has talent but no passion.

The All Stars perform a special routine choreographed by Travis Wall to “Strange Fruit” by Nina Simone.

Lex and Gaby bring the juges to their feet with a fast paced Warren Carlyle Broadway routine to the music of Bette Midler. In the video package prior to the dance, Lex revealed that he was once a part of a production of “Billy Elliott”. Noting that Bette Midler is an amazing performer, Nigel called the routine tremendous with some heart stopping choreography. Calling the routine amazing, Vaness is surprised by Lex’s control over his body; adding that he makes it look easy. Saying that they danced their patootie off, Mary called the dance pure entertainment with one great move after another.

After a break for the presidential speech, SYTYCD returns with Logan’s solo dance.

Sydney and Paul performed a Luther Brown Hip-Hop routine. After saying to give it up to Luther Brown for his routine, Vanessa called the routine a lot of fun but wanted to see more of a “stank face” from Sydney. Mary enjoyed watching the two Ballroom dancers perform Hip-Hop but felt that Sydney was a little too nice in the dance. Calling the routine cute, Nigel noted that the style didn’t sit comfortably with Sydney.

Cat Deely announced that the SYTYD tour returns and will begin on October 5 with the top 10 and some of the All Stars.

Koine performed her solo.

The Top nine perform a group number.

Kaylee and Cyrus performed a Spencer LIff Jazz routine where tradition clashes with the modern era. Cat noted that they did some excellent hat work. After giving it up for Spencer, Mary said that she loved watching them. Nigel thought that Spencer found a great style for Kaylee and she even had a few Bob Fosse moments. Vanessa said that Kaylee crushed it; adding that Kaylee was incredible to watch.

Mark performed his solo.

Taylor and Paul performed a Jean-Marc Genereux Samba. Calling it an interesting routine, Nigel said that the dance was sharp but lacked a spark between the pair. A very impressed Vanessa wanted more fire and noting that they didn’t get all of the connections. Noting that the Samba is the most technically difficult dance in the Ballroom, Mary said that the dance had some bright moments but could have used more chemistry.

Dassy performed her solo.

Lex performed his solo.

Kiki and Jenna perform a Many Moore Contemporary routine that brought the judges to their feet. A giggling Vanessa called Mandy Moore a genius and calling the routine so beautiful. Saying that the chemistry was insane, Vanessa loved the dance. Agreeing with Vanessa, Mary said that Kiki found and lost himself in the dance and calling the routine amazing. Mary noted that Kiki had a magical moment this week. She said that it was the best Contemporary dance she had seen from a male Ballroom dancer on the show. Saying that Jenna was fabulous, Nigel said that Kiki lifted his Contemporary dance skills to a different height; adding that Kiki was a star tonight.

With all the dances complete, it’s time for the results…

This week’s bottom three are Dassy, Sydney, and Mark. Nigel has saved Mark and it is down to Dassy and Sydney.

Noting that knowing that there is a tour this year made it easier, Nigel announced that Sydney is the dancer going home this week.

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