‘Face Off’ Crowns a Winner

Last week the three finalists on “Face Off” debuted their fearful characters to the public and learned what fixes they needed to make…and that they would be creating a third character for head judge Glenn Hetrick’s Haunted House “Journey into Fear”.
Face Off

Glenn reveals that the entry to the Haunt is a mental ward that houses the failed experiments of the evil doctor. The “patients” have been spliced with insect and reptile DNA. He wants characters that will frighten the visitors when they enter the “Face Off” Haunt.

Host McKenzie Westmore notes that with all the extra work, the artists will need more help and brings in three more eliminated artists from the season of “Divide and Conquer”.
Noting that she has an all female team, KC chose Laura.
Andrew chose Nick
Kierstin chose Al – Papa effects

McKenzie tells the artists that the scripts with their new character have been randomly assigned. Glenn has also provided descriptions for the characters. He will come by and consult with each artist on their designs.

When he meets with the artists Glenn tells Andrew to just make sure that he has enough time to complete everything. Andrew planned to create a whole head mask for his patient character. Glenn reminded Kierstin that she needs to make sure her character looks real and not to bite off more than she could chew. Glenn loved KC’s idea and reminded her to concentrate on the paint job.

Kierstin needs a mold for an arm for her character and she uses Phil as the model for the arm.

Instead of reworking the original mask for the doctor, Andrew decides to run a new one in silicone and notes that it comes out better than the first one. He begins pre-painting the mask.

KC vacuuforms her head piece to keep it lightweight because it is rather large.

On application day KC notes that she still has a lot of work to do, even with four of them working.

When last looks arrive, Andrew notes that it may be the most important hour with no room for error.

KC is having some trouble getting the head piece to stay on.

When he first saw the characters, Glenn said that they looked amazing.

When the artists get on set, Andrew notes that the details are mind blowing.

Glenn said that the characters were much creepier in real life than he had hoped; adding that it was working with the audience.

The host and tour guide for the Haunt was a creepy ghost girl.

Watching the events unfold on the screen, Andrew compared seeing the people being scared to opening presents on Christmas Day.

Glenn said that the characters exceeded all of his expectations and the quality was stunning.

Up first for remarks was Kierstin. Saying that her characters were very successful; adding that everything got better as she went along. Saying that she was really successful with the patient, Ve said that she did a fantastic paint job. Nevillle said that there were so many beautiful little moments that were works of art. The judges noted that Kierstin nailed what Glenn had asked for and found her footing at the most important time.

Ve said that KC did a bang up job, was super effective, and her devil was really scary. Calling her courageous, Neville said that she was brave with her forms. Glenn said that she did an amazing job; adding that the ward character freaked him out and her scale on the devil was a perfect balance.

Neville said that Andrew’s ward character was so beautiful and a huge success. Saying that the doctor was his favourite character, Glenn said that the doctor and creature were a great combination. Ve loved the integration of the insect and reptile character; adding he did a great paint job. The judges were impressed by the evil doctor, noting that the doctor was the most real and believable character. The judges noted that Andrew has had constant quality throughout the season.

The winner of “Face Off: Divide and Conquer” is Andrew!

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