‘Face Off: Game Changer’ Debuts

In a new “Face Off” series, “Face Off: Game Changer” puts four veteran “Face Off” artists together to compete in three rounds of challenges.
Face Off

Each round one artist is eliminated until the final two artists compete for the prize of $10,000.

This week Faina, Roy, George, and Jasmine competed.

McKenzie Westmore returns as host of the show.

Each challenge will be of increasing difficulty for the artists.

The award winning judges for the series are Ve Neill, Eryn Kruegger Mekesh, and Rick Baker.

In round one the artists are asked to choose a box that speaks to them without looking inside. Each box contains a pair of prosthetic ears. The artists are challenged to create a fantasy character inspired by the ears in the box. The artists have 90 minutes to complete the challenge.

For this series the judges look on as the artists work.

The artists have access to a number of various appliances to use in their makeups.

In the first reveal Jasmine’s character looked tribal and was clean with a nice contrast. The judges reminded her not to rely on the costume to cover up a makeup.

George’s character came together really nice and the judges liked the molding on the head.

Roy created an exceptional head shape that looked cool but he could have used some better blending.

While Faina had some fantastic colours, her character looked overpainted.

Noting that the character was a little over painted and had some rough edges, the judges eliminated Faina.

In round two McKenzie says that in every creepy horror film, the horror character resides in an equally creepy place, the artists took on a horror challenge. Choosing a mailbox, they were to take the postcard inside and create the character that would live in the environment. The artists had two hours to complete the challenge.

Jasmine created a nice clean makeup.

Roy used a lot of appliances but he used them in creative ways but the judges wanted to see more fish colours.

George had some neat prosthetics and the judges liked the gills on the character.

In the second elimination, the judges noted a makeup that was a little heavy handed and time management was an issue. McKenzie named George as the eliminated artist.

In round three Jasmine and Roy compete against each other in a Sci-Fi round. Citing the Sci-Fi cult classic of “Star Trek”, McKenzie revealed that it was her Dad, Michael Westmore, who had designed the Borg in “Star Trek: The Next Generation”. With a table filled with everyday electronics, the artists must choose at least one item and incorporate it to create their own “Star Trek” inspired Borg. They have two hours to complete the challenge. For this challenge the artists do some vacuumforming and fabricating.

The judges liked the colour choices and blending with the costume in Jasmine’s character.

Ve was concerned about the airbrushing on Roy’s character. The judges felt that he spent too much time fabricating and not enough time on the makeup.

In the final decision of the night, McKenzie named Jasmine as the winner of the challenge and the $10,000 prize. Jasmine said that she was going to use the money to further educate herself to become a better makeup artist.

Next week “Face Off: Game Changer” will return with four new artists.

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