Musical Notes – August 23

In this issue of Musical Notes…Led Zeppelin gets booked, Peter Case goes live, Eilen Jewell goes back in time, The Boss heads for Broadway, and Steve Winwood drops the hits.
Musical Notes

Led Zeppelin:
Music journalist Martin Popoff has written a book that goes into every song put out by iconic British rockers Led Zeppelin. Set to be released October 1 – “Led Zeppelin All the Albums All the Songs”, Popoff covers each song on the nine albums the Rock and Roll Hall of Famers recorded – 81 songs – delving into how the songs including were created, how they were recorded, its historical context. He also writes on each album with instruments played, studios, and engineers.

The hard cover book also includes over 200 photos.

The book is listed at $30 – $C39 in Canada.

Peter Case:
In his 40 plus years of making music, Peter Case has played punk, new wave, power pop, and Americana. On October 27 his is releasing an album of previously unreleased songs from live performances in 1998 and 2000. “On the Way Downtown: Recorded Live on FolkScene” features 18 songs including music from “Full Service, No Waiting” and “Flying Saucer Blues”. The performances have not been heard since their original airing.

Speaking on the upcoming album, Case said, “I’m so happy these sessions are available now for all of us to hear. Thanks Allen Larman and thanks Omnivore (Records). Now if I just knew why that photo of downtown L.A. from the early ’50s is on the back cover everything would be fine!”

The tracklisting for “On the Way Downtown: Recorded Live on FolkScene”:
“Spell of Wheels”
“On the Way Downtown”
“Let Me Fall”
“Green Blanket (Part 1)
“Honey Child”
“Crooked Mile
“Still Playin’”
“See Through Eyes”
“Until the Next Time”
“Something Happens”
“Pay Day”
“Blue Distance”
“Walking Home Late”
“Beyond the Blues”
“Coulda Woulda Shoulda”
“Paradise Etc.”
“Leaving Home”

Eilen Jewell:
Admitting that she loves uncovering the past, Eilen Jewell took 12 vintage songs for her new album “Down Hearted Blues”. According the the press release Jewell “chiseled them into exciting new shapes and forms, honoring history while breathing new life into each discovery.”

Bruce Springsteen:
Beginning October 3 Bruce Springsteen will make his Broadway debut at the Walter Kerr Theatre. Playing five nights a week, The Boss will appear for eight weeks.

While the engagement runs from October 3 to November 26, the official opening night for “Springsteen on Broadway” is scheduled for October 12.

Speaking on his Broadway debut Springsteen said, “I wanted to do some shows that were as personal and as intimate as possible. I chose Broadway for this project because it has the beautiful old theaters which seemed like the right setting for what I have in mind. In fact, with one or two exceptions, the 960 seats of the Walter Kerr Theatre is probably the smallest venue I’ve played in the last 40 years. My show is just me, the guitar, the piano and the words and music. Some of the show is spoken, some of it is sung. It loosely follows the arc of my life and my work. All of it together is in pursuit of my constant goal to provide an entertaining evening and to communicate something of value.”

Steve Winwood:
At some point in their careers popular artists release a greatest hits album. On September 1, Steve Winwood will release a live greatest hits album that will include 23 songs picked by Winwood himself from his personal archives of live music. The album is filled with rare and previously unreleased songs from Winwood’s musical career.

The tracklisting for “Greatest Hist Live”:
“I’m a Man”
“Them Changes”
“Can’t Find My Way Home”
“Had to Cry Today”
“Low Spark of High Heeled Boys”
“Empty Pages”
“Back in the High Life Again”
“Higher Love”
“Dear Mr Fantasy”
“Gimme Some Lovin”
“Pearly Queen”
“Why Can’t We Live Together”
“40,000 Headmen”
“Walking in the Wind”
“Medicated Goo”
“John Barleycorn”
“While You See a Chance”
“Arc of a Diver”
“Freedom Overspill”
“Roll with It”

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