MLB Issues Suspensions Over Pitches/Brawl

There is an old joke about a sports fan who went to a fight and a hockey game broke out. In the August 24 Major League Baseball game against the Detroit Tigers and the New York Yankees, fans went to a baseball game and a fight broke out.

In a hockey game a player charged with an infraction gets sent to the penalty box for two to five minutes, but in a major league baseball game players who violate the
rules are fined or are suspended for a number of games.

Baseball is a rather gentlemanly game that frowns upon any deceptions and tolerates no violent acts. During the Tigers-Yankees game there were a number of instances where a pitcher aimed at a batter with deliberate intent.

The consequence of pitches being intentionally thrown at batters, the teams became involved in a benches clearing fight bot once, but twice during the game.

As a result of the activities, several players were fined and suspended for their actions.

For the Tigers…
Miguel Cabrera was suspended for seven games
Alex Wilson was suspended for four games

For the Yankees…
Austin Romine was suspended for two games
Gary Sanchez was suspended for four games

Both managers were ejected from the game with Tigers skipper Brad Ausmus also getting suspended for a game. Five players that were involved in one of the three altercations were also ejected from the game. Major League Baseball teams carry a total of 25 players per team with nearly half of them being pitchers.

All of the players who received suspensions have appealed the ruling and will be allowed to play until the appeal is heard and ruled upon.

Along with the fines issued to the suspended players…
New York Yankees manager Joe Girardi
New York Yankees bench coach Rob Thomson
New York Yankees players Brett Gardner, Tommy Kahnle, Garrett Cooper, and Clint Frazier,
and Detroit Tigers Jose Iglesias
…were all issued fines.

Major League Baseball does not reveal the exact amounts of fines issued.

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