Top Eight Perform on SYTYCD

This week on “So You Think You Can Dance” things get a little mixed up as the top eight not only dance with their All Stars, but must dance with each other.

But first the night of dance gets started with a group performance to the music of RuPaul and choreographed by Mark Kanemura.

Another change this week, judge Vanessa Hudgens is sporting a new blonde hairdo.

The first couple on the dance floor is Koine and Marko with a Mandy Moore Jazz routine..and there is no story to go with the dance this week. Host Cat Deely noted that it was a good opening for the show. Mary called the routine so much fun; adding that she loved that it was just pure dancing. Calling it simply fabulous, she said that Koine’s personality shines through. Nigel called the routine fun and energetic; adding that it showed off Koine’s personality. Calling them an amazing team, Vanessa said that they had great chemistry.

Taylor and Robert performed a Luther Brown Hip-Hop routine that had Nigel saying it was Luther’s season. Saying that they danced it brilliantly, Nigel said that Taylor was like a tour guide for Sodom and Gamora. Saying that she loved seeing them dance Hip-Hop, Vanessa said that Taylor brought the fire tonight. Mary noted that it was a wonder they didn’t burn down the whole place it was so hot; adding that Taylor has taken another step up the ladder.

Lex and Gaby take on a Mandy Moore Contemporary routine. It is the first time that Lex has been able to dance in his own style. Calling Lex a phenomenal dancer, Vanessa said that Mandy created an insane routine. Mary said that Lex has phenomenal strength and balance; adding that he went from one great moment to the next. Saying that Lex was stunning to watch, Nigel said that no matter what happens on the show, Lex is going to be a highly respected dancer; adding that his lines look like they were created by an architect.

Kaylee and Cyrus performed a Val Chmerkovskiy Cha Cha to “Respect” by Aretha Franklin. Saying that she was surprised by Kaylee, Mary said that Kaylee hit all the right moves and was amazing tonight. After applauding Val for his choreography, Nigel noted that Val played to Kaylee’s strengths and it came off really well. Nigel added that he was going to call Ashley at ABC because Cyrus should be on “Dancing with the Stars”. Noting Kaylee’s confidence, Vanessa said that they crushed the routine.

Mark and Comfort performed a Spencer Liff Broadway routine. Saying that Spencer was living out his fantasies, Nigel said that they did a great job with terrific lines; adding that Mark was vastly improved this week. Vanessa called it the sexiest Jazz routine she had ever seen and it was fun to watch. Saying that there was nothing average about it, Mary said that Comfort was one hot cup of tea and Mark has become a Broadway baby and grown every week.

Kike and Jenna performed a Travis Wall Jazz routine. After saying bravo to Travis for such a memorable routine, Vanessa said that Kiki was amazing. Agreeing with Vanessa, Mary noted that there were some crazy moments in the routine and she loved every second of it Mary noted that Kiki keeps blowing her mind every week and is emerging as a star. Calling it a memorable routine, Nigel said that it was incredible to see the angles; adding that it was like a photo coming to life. Nigel noted that Kiki was keeping up with one of the best dancers they have ever had on the show.

Dassy and Fik-Shun performed a Contemporary routine by Jaci Roayl. Noting the interesting choreography, Mary said that they made it look easy. Agreeing with Mary, Nigel noted that both dancers did a really good job with their core strength. Vanessa said that Dassy blew her away doing a Contemporary routine and she made it look effortless.

The final dance in round one was a Hip-Hop routine by Christopher Scott from Logan and Allison. Noting the dance was from the lyrical side of Christopher Scott, Nigel said that Logan needed not to worry about what happens on the show because he is a brilliant dancer that will go far. Vanessa called Logan an insane dancer, Mary called the routine sweet, innocent, and playful; adding that Logan was born to dance.

The All Stars performed a Jaci Royal routine.

Lex and Taylor kick off round two with a Classical Jazz routine from Spencer Liff to “An American in Paris” that brought the judges to their feet. Vanessa said that she would pay good money to see that routine on Broadway; adding that it was incredible and beautiful. Mary loved the concept; adding that Taylor’s legs go on forever and Logan is so strong. Nigel simply said, “one of the best dance routines ever on ‘So You Think You Can Dance’.”

Koine and Kiki performed a Val Chmerkovskiy Salsa dance that had Mary screaming and putting the duo on her hot tamale train. Mary said that Koine looked like a Ballroom dancer. Nigel said that Val is bringing a different level to Ballroom dance on the show; adding that Koine is a natural in the Ballroom. Vanessa said that the duo was fire together; adding that Koine was the best non Salsa dancing Salsa dancer she has ever seen.
Logan and Kaylee performed a Travis Wall Contemporary routine where Kaylee was Logan’s shadow come to life. Nigel said that he was positive that Travis was going to win another Emmy nomination for the dance; adding that Travis is a creative genius and Logan is brilliant. Calling it an insane routine, Vanessa said that Logan’s control and flexibility was mind blowing. Calling Logan brilliant, Mary said that Kaylee was having a great night. Cat said that Kaylee took it to the dark side.

The final dance of the night was a Christopher Scott Hip-Hop routine from two of the dancers that were in the bottom three last week – Mark and Dassy. The duo are broken manikins who have found some umbrellas. During rehearsals Dassy kept breaking the umbrellas. They stayed in character even after the routine was over. Saying that it was a lot of fun, Vanessa said they did some great work. Mary called the routine the cutest thing and they pulled it out. Calling the routine great fun, Nigel said that the past four routines made him hark for the days when they had 20 dancers who performed with each other.

The bottom three this week were Kassy, Kaylee, and Koine. Noting that it was an unanimous decision this week, Nigel said that Kaylee was a unique dancer who had done very well, Dassy had a wonderful presence about her and was magical to watch; noting that she made her country and the show proud, and Koine did whatever she was given to do brilliantly; adding that he didn’t know why she was in the bottom this week. Nigel saved Koine, leaving Kassy and Kaylee in the bottom and facing elimination.

The dancer going home this week was Dassy. Kaylee is safe for another week.

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