FO: Game Face Goes Monsters and Demons

This week on “Face Off: Game Face” four more “Face Off” veterans return for a shot at the $10,000 prize – Kelly, Tate, Adolfo, and Melissa.

Game Face judges Ve Niell, Eryn Kruegger Mekash, and Rick Baker look on as the artists work on each challenge.
Face Off

In round one the artists are challenged to create a horrifying Femmes Fatale inspired by spiders. There is a tarantella tank in the lab with prosthetics and they must use at least one of them in their makeups. The artists have 90 minutes to complete the challenge.

After the reveal the judges choose to eliminate Kelly from the competition. The judges told Kelly that while some of her choices were unusual, they felt that she should have created a makeup that looked more like a spider.

Round two delves into the world of “Mad Max”. On a table in the lab are some medical devices. The artists must choose one of them and use it to create an original “Mad Max” character. The artists have two hours to complete the challenge. The round proved to be a challenge in several ways; Tate was having a number of issues with the prosthetic pieces, Adolfo had a number of bald caps tear on him, and Melissa was trying things that she ha never done before like trying to glue down the model’s lip to his chin.

Once all of the makeups were revealed, Rick noted that it was going to be a hard decision. Saying that the prosthetic around the mouth was a failure, the judges eliminated Melissa.

In round three it comes down to Tate an Adolfo in round three to battle for the prize.

In round three the artists must create monsters with fatal flaws. On the table are three items – a silver bullet, a bottle of holy water, and a jug of sunlight. The artists must create a monster that demonstrates the devastating effects of the item they chose. Tate chose the holy water and must create a witch and Adolfo chose the jug of sunlight and must create a vampire. The artists have two hours to complete the challenge.

After the final reveal Rick noted that both artists pulled off some very clean and professional makeups.

This week’s winner of “Face Off: Game Face” is Tate.

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