Top Seven Take the Dance Floor on SYTYCD

This week on “So You Think You Can Dance” the seven remaining dancers perform for fan votes as the show has reached the halfway point, but first the dancers and their All Stars perform a routine fit for the Broadway stage by Warren Carlyle.


This week the dancers have a very busy night with three dances – one with their All Star partner, a solo performance, and a mini group routine with their fellow dancers.

First up are Lex and Gaby with a Luther Brown Hip-Hop routine to “Humble” by Kendrick Lamar in a performance that brought the judges to their feet. Mary said that Luther…and Lex…took it to another level tonight; adding that Lex kept it a peak level all through the piece. Nigel said that he proved that it was possible for a dance to do any genre of dance. Vanessa noted that Lex has the ability to perform all different styles of dance.

Taylor performs her solo.

Logan and Allison perform a Sean Cheeseman African Jazz routine that brought the judges to their feet. Host Cat Deely said that Logan did himself very proud tonight. Nigel said that the routin was probably one of the most difficult and impressive routines he has seen from Sean and Logan hit it out of the park. After repeatedly saying wow, Vanessa called Logan super human and one of those dancers who can do anything. Mary compared the dance to a crazy roller coaster ride where you never know what is coming up next; adding that the dance was spectacular.

Mark went to “Funky Town” in his solo.

Kaylee and Cyrus performed a Tyce Diorio Contemporary routine. After giving a big thanky you to Tyce, Vanessa said that she loved the routine and called it stupendous. Mary said that Kaylee was dynamic and full of power; adding that they brought the music to life and she felt every second of it. Noting that Tyce was very clever with his routine, Nigel said that it was their best routine together and very meaningful.

Koine performed her solo.

Kiki and Jenna performed a Broadway routine that involved several can props to “Dancing Fool” by Barry Manilow. Worried about catching all of the canes when thrown, the duo caught every cane in the routine and brought the judges to their feet and lots of jumping up and down including Cat Deely. Cat said that she had never cheered for someone more than she did on that routine. Mary noted that it is one thing to hold on to a cane but when they are coming from all sides, it’s just crazy and she loved it. Saying that he loved the song, Nigel noted that Kiki has had the best improvement of any dancer on the show. Saying that she held her breath the entire song, Vanessa noted that catching all of the canes took some serious eye/hand co-ordination.

Logan performed his solo.

Koine and Marko performed a Dmitry Chapman Jive to “Rock Around the Clock” that brought the judges to their feet. Cat told the duo that it was well done. Nigel said that it was some incredible choreography for them. Vanessa said that Koine is another one of those dancers who can do any style of dance. Calling the dance amazing, Mary said that they brought the music to life.

Kaylee perfromed her solo.

The All Stars performed a group number choreographed by Brian Friedman.

Taylor and Robert performed a Mandy Moore Contemporary routine to “Make You Feel My Love” written by Bob Dylan that brought the judges to their feet. Vanessa said that it was her favourite dance style for Taylor; adding that it was a beautiful routine with so much strength and grace. An emotional Mary called the dance astounding; adding that it reached inside her soul. Mary noted that the dance was light with beautiful technique. Saying that the beauty of dance was that it can touch someone, Nigel said that it was a beautiful routine that was danced brilliantly; adding that Robert is a brilliant partner.

Lex performed his solo.

In the final couple dance of the night, Mark and Comfort did a little “Kung Fu Fighting” with their Ninja Hip-Hop routine by Misha Gabriel. Noting that the dance never stopped and she loved the concept, Mary said that the routine was clean and synchronized. Noting that Mark always brings his personality to the dance but was unable to do so tonight, Nigel said that Mark did a good job. Calling the dance amazing, Vanessa said that it was fun to watch and Mark was in it to win it.

Kiki performed his solo.

Kaylee, Lex, and Logan performed a Contemporary dance by Dwight and Desmond. Nigel noted that Kaylee kept up with the guys brilliantly. Logan had some great lines, and said that Lex was amazing and mind blowing. Vanessa called the dance stunning and stupendous. Saying that she loved all three of them, Mary called the dance out of this world.

In the final dance of the night Taylor, Koine, Kiki, and Mark took on a Sean Cheeseman routine that had no music, only the words of Maya Angilou. Cat noted that the message was perfect for out time – diversity – and it was amazing. After saying thank you to Sean for the routine, Vanessa said that it was beautiful to watch. Mary said that Sean brought to life some of the powerful words she has ever heard and the group did them justice. Nigel said that the dance just goes to show you that the choreographers have to be as diverse as the dancers when it comes to creating routines.

In this week’s results Kaylee, Mark, and Kiki are in the bottom three.

Noting that after this week the judges will no longer have a say in who goes home, Nigel said that they had decided to go with America’s vote this week. Nigel told Kiki to go sit down he was safe.

Going with what America voted, Nigel said that it was Mark who would be going home this week.

Next week the dancer face a double elimination when the final four is revealed solely by fan vote.

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