Fish, Demons, and Wizard Spells on “Face Off: Game Face”

In this week’s episode of “Face Off: Game Face” Robert, Corinne, Alana, and Scott will compete for the $10,000 prize.

Face Off

Award winning makeup artists and creature designers Ve Neill, Neville Page, and Rick Baker return as judges.

For round one the artists must take their inspiration from the ocean. The artists choose a fish from the tank and use it to create a human fish hybrid. The have 90 minutes to complete the challenge.

The judges watch as the artists work and with only 30 minutes remaining in the challenge Rick is concerned that all of the artists may be in trouble as far as completing the painting is concerned. Alana is still applying prosthetics and hasn’t even begun painting yet.

After the reveal and closer looks, the first artist eliminated from the competition is Robert. While Neville loved Robert’s work, he had issues with the paint job.

For round two the artists take on demonic possession. On a board are letters from various clergy to the Vatican describing demonic possessions. The artists must choose a letter and create the demon that possesses the person. The artists have two hours to complete the challenge.

With 45 minutes remaining Scott said that he is panic stricken. Since his appearance on “Face Off” Scott got married and has two step children that he wants to adopt. He said that if he won the competition, he would use the prize money for the adoption.

Ve is worried about Corrine and whether she will b able to complete her demon. Ve is worried that Corrine’s paint job will get muddy again.

Alana has her model helping with some of the makeup application – doing their own nails.

Scott feels at peace with his finished makeup.

The second artist to go home is Scott.

In the final round it comes down to Alana and Corinne.

For round three, the artists go back to school – wizard school. Entering the world of Harry Potter, the artists must choose spell and create a makeup that shows that spell gone wrong. The artists have two hours to complete the challenge.

After the reveal and closer looks, host Mckenzie Westmore names Alana as the winner of this week’s “Game Face”. Alana recently broke her ankle and said that she is going to use the money to pay off her medical bills.

Next week, four new artists and three new challenges.

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