Native American Music Awards Nominees

On October 14 the Native American Music Awards will celebrate 17 years of honouring Native American music with the annual NAMA’s. The awards gala returns to Niagara Falls, New York and the Seneca Niagara Resort and casino.


This year NAMA added two new categories to the list with the Best Performance and Best Narrative additions to the Music Video awards to bring the total to 25 Music Awards.

Josh Halverson, recently seen on the reality music competition show “The Voice”, leads the list of nominees with four.

Artson, The Cherokee National Youth Choie, Kelly Derrickson, Lucas Ciliberti, Norther Cree, Perry Cheevers Toppah, Shining Soul, The Cody Blackbird Band, the Jan Michael Looking Wolf Band, Randy McGinnis, Steven Rushingwind & The Native Groove, and Vince Redhouse all follow with three nominations each.

National Indian Gaming Association Chairman Ernie Stevens Jr. is hosting the celebration. Josh Halverson, Kelly Derrickson, Nahko of Nahko & Medicine for the People, and Lil Mke & Funny Bone are all scheduled to perform. NAMA will pay tribute to Hall of Fame artist Joseph FireCrow who crossed over earlier this year.

Gary Farmer of The Troublemakers will receive the Lifetime Achievement Award this year. The band will also be giving a performance.

Voting for the award winners is open to the public. Music fans can vote for their favourites at:

The nominees for the 17th annual Native America Music Awards are:

Artist of the Year:
C.C. Murdock for “Resistance”
James Edmund Greeley for “Before America”
Josh Halverson for “Year of the Thunderbird”
Perry Cheevers Toppah for “Sing to Your Lady”
Randy McGinnis for “The Journey”
Vince Redhouse for “Songs of the Earth”

New or Debut Artist of the Year:
Billy Simard for “Being Free”
Jean Albert Renaud – JAR – for “I Ride Horses”
JuQ for “Tempo A Short Story by JuQ”
Kokopelli Girl for “Ricochet”
Lucas Ciliberti for “Rainmaker”
Rose Angel for “Inner Voice Vol. 1 & 2”

New or Debut Duo or Group of the Year:
Black Bear Brothers for “Songs from Cheyenne Creek”
Craig Elkshoulder, Janelle Turtle, and Nelson Turtle Jr for “Cheyenne Peyote Songs”
Crazy Flute for “Echos from the Mountain”
Joanne Shenandoah and Bambi Niles for “One World Christmas”
Shining Soul for “Politics Aside”
Steven Rushingwind and The Native Groove for “Fuego”

Best Female Artist:
Callie Bennett for “Awake, Arise and Shine”
Cindy Paul for “The Flight”
Danielle Egnew for “You’ve Got to Go Back the Way that You Came”
Kelly Derrickson for “I Am”
Radmilla Cody for “Ke’ Hasin”
Rhonda Head by “Kisahkihitan”

Flutist of the Year:
Jan Michael Looking Wolf for “Ascension”
Jonah Littlesunday for “Gratitude”
Matthew Tooni for “Through Their Eyes Vol. 1”
Randy McGinnis for “The Journey”
Steven Rushingwind and The Native Groove for “Fuego”
Vince Redhouse for “Songs of the Earth”

Duo/Group of the Year:
Cherokee National Youth Choir for “Celebration”
Jan Michael Looking Wolf for “Ascension”
Northern Cree for “It’s a Cree Thing”
R. Carlos Nakai Quartet for “What Lies Beyond”
Broken Walls for “The Path”
The Cody Blackbird Band for “Live from Chicago”

Best Male Artist:
Artson for “E.A.R.T.H.”
Anthony Benally for “Humble Expressions”
Clark Tenakhongva for “Su’Vu’Yo’ Yungw” – “Long and Steady Drizzle”’
Conrad Bennally for “Always and Forever”
Jonah Littlesunday for “Gratitude”
Levi Platero for “Take Me Back”

Record of the Year:
“Celebration” by the Cherokee National Youth Choir”
“Hoka” by Nahko and Medicine for the People
“Music from Turtle Island: Songs of Freedom” by Various Artists
“One World Many Voices” by Various Artists
“Sacred Inspirations” by Various Artists
“Year of the Thunderbird” by Josh Halverson

Song or Single of the Year:
“Alcatraz” by Calina Lawrence
“Bullet Dress” by Melissa Doud with the Mambo Surfers
“Father” by Spencer “Lightfoot” Wiley Wizick
“If Only” by Marcia Chum-Sackaney
“Red Dust on Route 66” by Wolfsheart, Roy Pete, and Jose Feliciano
“Shooting Banks” by Mickie James
“Wake Up” by Kelly Jackson
“Wanna See You” by Carsen Gray with DJ Shub

Best Conceptual Music Video:
“Come and Get Your Love” by B. of Dakota South Records
“Indomitable” by the Northern Cree Singers with DJ Shub
“Lady of the Lake” by Painted Raven
“Me & The 99” by Son of Hweeldi
“Springfields” by Lucas Ciliberti
“Wanna See You” by Carsen Gray and DJ Shub

Best Performance Music Video:
“All Day” by Shining Soul
“Ascension” by Jan Michael Looking Wolf
“Just Enough” by Josh Halverson
“Promised Land” by The Cody Blackbird Band
“Suicide Song” by Kelly Derrickson
“Wake Up” by Kelly Jackson

Best Narrative Music Video:
“Black Snakes” by Prolific The Rapper with A Tribe Called Red
“Love Letters to God” by Nahko and Medicine for the People
“Never Give Up” by Artson with Supaman and Quuese Imc
“Rise Up” by Komplex Kai
“Stand Up / Stand N Rock #NoDAPL” by Taboo and Various Artists
“The Hour (Mamas Song)” by Reliik

Native Heart Award:
Bearheart Kokopelli for “Native Heart”
Jefferson Svengsouk for “Peaceful Journey”
Jonny Lipford for “Waves of Serentiy”
Lex Nichols for “Songs of the Plains”
Peter Phippen for “Solace”
Timothy J.P. Gomez for “The Awakening

Best Country Recording:
“Being Free” by Billy Simard
“I Am” by Kelly Derrickson
“I Ride Horses” by Jean Albert Renaud – JAR
“Native Americana Volume 1” by Rob Saw
“Rainmaker” by Lucas Ciliberti
“You’ve Got to Go Back the Way that You Came” by Danielle Egnew

Best Folk Recording:
“Desert Wind” by Sayani
“Keeper of the Family” by Shining Woman & Otsigeya
“One World Christmas” by Joanne Shenandoah and Bambi Niles
“The Flight” by Cindy Paul
“Year of the Thunderbird” by Josh Halverson

Best Gospel or Inspirational Recording:
“Always and Forever” by Conrad Benally
“Awake, Arise and Shine” by Callie Bennett
“Embraced by the Light” by Richard, Ruby, and Lydia Redleaf
“Kisahkihitan” by Rhonda Head
“Victory Road” by Elvis Ballantyne
“The Storm Awakens” by Verdell Primeaux and Leon Skyhorse

Best Instrumental Recording:
“Crossroads” by Painted Raven
“Empty Cradle” by Michael Longrider and Lester “Seven Star” Greenwood
“Fuego” by Steven Rushingwind & The Native Groove
“Songs of the Earth” by Vince Redhouse
“The Journey – hi a vi si i” by Randy McGinnis
“What Lies Beyond” by the R. Carlos Nakai Quartet

Best Native American Church Recording:
“Cheyenne Peyote Songs” by Craig Elkshoulder,Janelle Turtle, and Nelson Turtle Jr
“Family Tradition” by Jarvis Hunter
“Maskiki Awasis” by Kelly Daniels
“New Beginning” by DonJay Nelson
“Simplicity” by Perry Cheevers Toppah
“Songs of the Good Way of life” by Irvin Bahe

Best Pop Recording:
“Celebration” by The Cherokee National Youth Choir
“Doing it All” by Irv Lyons Jr
“Give it My All” by NDN Soul
“Tempo: A Short Story by juQ” by JuQ
“The Path” by Broken Walls

Best Pow Wow Recording:
“Belongs to the People” by Young Bear
“Blacked Out” by Southern Style
“It’s a Cree Thing” by Northern Cree
“Sing to Your Lady” by Perry Cheevers Toppah
“Songs from Cheyenne Creek” by the Black Bear Brothers

Best Rap, Hip-Hop, or R&B Recording:
“Politics Aside” by Shining Soul
“Reverse Through Time” by Artson
“The 7
th Generation Prophecy” by Sten Joddi
“The Dream” by Rellik
“Vision” by Gabriel Yaiva and DJ Soe

Best Rock or Blues Recording:
“O19910” by Son of Hweeldi
“Live from Chicago” by The Cody Blackbird Band
“Red-White & Blues” by Bluedog
“Resistance” by C.C. Murdock
“Saddle Mountain Blues” by Cecil Gray Native Blues
“Take Me Back” by Levi Platero

Best Traditional Recording:
“Before America” by James Edmund Greeley
“Humble Expressions” by Anthony Benally
“Joyful” by Jiiniikwe
“Ke’ Hasin” by Radmilla Cody
“Sing to Your Lady” by Perry Cheevers Toppah
“Su’Vu’Yo’Yungw – Long and Steady Drizzle” by Clark Tenakhongva

Best Waila Recording:
“10 Years of P-Dub’n” by Papago Warrior
“Creed and Culture” by Native Creed
“From Us to You” by the Pick-Up Kings
“Otra” by Native Creed
“Versatile Music 2” by Famous Ones

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