Final Four Revealed on SYTYCD

It’s a double elimination week on “So You Think You Can Dance” when the remaining six dancers will become the final four.

The night of dance begins with a group dance from the top six and the All Stars choreographed by Christopher Scott.

Before the competition begins host Cat Deely sent a huge congratulations to Mandy Moore and Travis Wall for winning an Emmy at the Creative Arts Emmy Award ceremonies over the weekend.

This week the top six will be performing three dances – one with their All Stars, once with a fellow dancer, and a solo in their own style.

The first couple to take the dance floor is Lex and Gaby with a Samba from Sasha Farber. Saying holy foosballs, Mary said that it was an incredible routine from Sasha; adding that Lex was weakest in frame but the routine was so rhythmical. After asking Lex whether he had ever taken any ballroom dance classes, Nigel suggested that if Lex got the opportunity he should take some Ballroom classes; adding that the dance had a lot of energy and was a great way to start the show. Vanessa said that was outstanding; adding that the partnering was mindblowing.

Kaylee performs her solo.

Koine and Marko performed a Contemporary routine that left the house cheering. Cat called the routine so beautiful. Nigel said that the choreography was beautiful, thoughtful, and creative. Noting that Koine must have been really brave in rehearsals, Nigel said that the dance flowed beautifully and was magnificent; adding that Koine has never failed not to please him. Vanessa noted that Koine has stepped it up every week; adding that she is small but mighty. Mary said that Koine was in harmony with herself, with Marko, and with the choreography; adding that it was one of her favourite routines this season.

Taylor performed her solo.

Kiki and Jenna performed a Jazz routine choreographed by Ray Leeper to “Proud Mary” by Tina Turner. Calling the dance a blast, Vanessa said that the pair was wonderful together and danced very clean. Mary noted that Kiki has learned everything that has been thrown at him and put the pair on her hot tamale train. Nigel said that the dance was full of energy and had sharpness and good lines.

Logan performed his solo.

Kaylee and Cyrus performed a Phillip Chbeeb Hip-Hop routine that included a large hollow metal box for a prop. After giving it up to Phillip, Mary said that the dance had a very creative beginning with incredible lifts; but added that it was not her favourite dance. Nigel absolutely loved the dance; adding that they captured the moment and it was one of the best routines from them. Agreeing with Nigel, Vanessa said that they wer so in the pocket.

Koine performed her solo.

The All Stars perfromed a group dance by Andrew Winghart.

Taylor and Robert performed a Hip-Hop routine choreographed by “World of Dane” semi finalists Keone and Mari that brought the judges to their feet. Nigel said that they nailed it tonight. Vanessa called it one of her favourite routines from them; adding that it was so captivating. Mary loved it; adding that it was strong and articulate. Mary called Taylor a star.

Lex performed a solo that brought the judges to their feet.

Logan and Allison performed a Dee Caspary Contemporary routine that brough the judges to their feet. Vanessa called it the sexiest Contemporary routine she had ever seen. Vanessa noted that there were so many incredible moments in the dance and the two were on fire like she had never seen before. Mary said that she had never seen so many unique turns; adding that that the partner work showed strength. Allison called Logan the most caring partner she has ever worked with. Nigel noted that Logan’s technique is undeniable but he wants Logan to show more emotion in his dancing.

Kiki performed his solo.

Koine and Lex performed a Dariana Sanchez Disco routine. Noting that it was an incredibly tough routine; adding that Koine made it look like a walk in the park. Noting that the dance was non stop, Nigel said that they did it brilliantly and Koine is the best performer this season. Saying that they were both amazing performers, Vanessa said that they could adapt to any dance style.

In the first results of the night Cat revealed that Lex is the first dancer in the final four but Koine will have to wait to learn her results.

Taylor and Logan performed a Mark Kanenure Jazz routine. Calling it a lovely routine, Nigel said that the dance contained everything he had been asking them to do; adding that it was beautiful and they complemented each other well. Agreeing with Nigel, Vanessa adored the pair; adding that she was lost in the dance. Calling it an absolute celebration of dance, Mary loved every second of the dance.

In the second results, Cat named Taylor as the second dancer in the final four but Logan would have to wait for his results.

In the final dance of the night Kaylee and Kiki performed a Bollywwod routine. Noting that the dance took both dancers out of their comfort zones, Vanessa said that it was wonderful to see them in a brand new light; adding that they looked like they were having the best time. Mary said that it was wonderful to see a whole new side of Kaylee and Kike was amazing and unbelievable. Noting that they had some of the cruelest choreographers tonight, Nigel said that the dancers showed that they could do it all.

In the next results Kiki moves on to the final four but Kaylee will have to wait a bit longer.

Before the results were revealed Nigel told the dancers that Emmy Award winning Travis Wall did not make it one the show in his first attempt on the show.

In the final results of the night, Cat names Kione as the final dancer in the final four; leaving Kalee and Logan as the two dancers going home.

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