‘Face Off: Game Face – Myth, Magic, and Boogiemen

This week on “Face Off: Game Face” four new artists compete for the $10,000 prize. Miranda, Derek, KC, and George are this week’s contestants.
Face Off

Judging the artists this week are Ve Neill, Glenn Hetrick, and Rick Baker

Based on the Greek myths, in round one the artists must choose a plant and use it to create a beautiful plant/human hybrid. The artists have 90 minutes to complete the challenge.

KC decides not to use any prosthetics but Miranda grabs everything she can find in trying to figure out what to do.

George notes that as a makeup artist it is important for him to demonstrate that he can apply a prosthetic and blend it properly.

Since she is not using any prosthetics, KC is fabricating a petal collar for her model.

Derek is the first of the four artists to begin painting his model.

George is getting concerned that he will not be able to finish his makeup in time. He is second guessing himself and feels that he will be the first to go home.

Miranda’s mode has dark skin and the paints aren’t showing through.

When McKenzie gives the five minute warning, George says that he doesn’t believe her. George chose the artichoke and Ve said that she thinks George is artochoking on his makeup.

Derek isn’t sure his makeup is a complete character.

George notes that while his makeup is a complete character, it may not be the character that the judges are looking for.

After the reveal and deliberations the first artist going home is George. George said that he believes the judges made the right call.

For round two the three remaining artists must choose a stone and create an all new Marvel inspired character that embodies the colours and mystical properties of the stone. The artists have two hours to complete the challenge.

Miranda has a lot of painting to do and is getting worried about having enough time to complete the challenge.

Derek is worried about having enough time to complete what he wanted to do.

After the reveal, Rick noted that they were going to have a tough decision. After deliberations, the judges sent KC home.

In round three Miranda and Derek will “Face Off” for the prize.

For the final round the two remaining artists must channel their personal myths based on fear – the childhood boogieman. In only two hours the artists must recreate their childhood boogieman.

Miranda has so much stuff scattered all over her worktable that she can’t find her prosthetic and has to go find another one.

Derek is going “old school” to recreate his skeleton boogieman.

Derek said that it was the hardest thing he has ever done and after this it will all seem easy.

Glenn said that both of them did some incredible work.

The winner of this week’s “Game Face” is Miranda! Rick said that they made it a really tough decision.

Next week super heroes, super villains, and serial killers.

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