MLB Indians Making History

In a script straight out of Hollywood, the Cleveland Indians professional baseball team swung their way into the history books on September 14 with a win over the Kansas City Royals.



By Erik Drost –, CC BY 2.0,

With each successive win on their way to making history, the Indians imitated their Hollywood namesakes in “Major League” as the rag tag team of has beens and wanna bes played their way into the championship to thwart the Diva owner who wanted to trade the snow and ice of Cleveland for the sun and sand of Miami.

The overall win streak total belongs to the National League New York Giants with 26 games in 1916, the Indians have claimed the record for the American League with 22 and counting.

In the game against the Royals on September 14, the Indians needed 10 innings to pull out the win after shortstop Francisco Lindor tied the game up in the ninth inning with two outs when he hit a ball into the outfield that bounced and rattled around long enough to allow pinch runner Erik Gonzalez to score. And in the 10th inning Jay Bruce hit a run scoring double allowing Jose Ramirez to score and bring the Indians a W.

The Cleveland Indians are only three wins away from winning the American League Central division.

With a win/loss record of 91 and 56, the Indians have a 14 game lead on their division.

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