All New “Watcher In The Woods” Soon to Be Released!

On October 12th, an exciting remake of the classic “Watcher-In the Woods” is set to be released. The ‘Lifetime’ remake of the old classic Disney film may have you in for a big surprise— it looks to be even more spooky than the first one.

All New “Watcher In The Woods” Soon to Be Released!

Watcher In The Woods (2017)

The Lifetime trailer has already been posted online and it promises to be darker with enhanced horror value than the original. The original debuted in 1980, but was pulled from theatres to improve the ending. After much deliberation, it was finally approved for re-release to a receptive young adult audience in 1981. The DVD shows three of the alternative endings.

The new Watcher in the Woods (2017) has just the one ending but promises to keep some of the old vibes as well as the retro quality of the older film. Anjelica Huston replaces the veteran iconic actress- Bette Davis and Tallulah Evans stars as the main character, Jan, formerly played by Lynn-Holly Johnson. Melissa Joan Hart (Sabrina: the Teenaged Witch), in her directing debut has brought the new remake to life.

Both Melissa Hart and her mother, Paula, have attempted for years to get the rights from Disney to remake “The Watcher In The Woods” and were just recently successful. Of the original thriller, Hart said, “It’s one of those movies, that if you know it, you watched it again and again”. And she promises the remake has kept a lot of the old charm.
Watch the Remake Trailer:

Screenwriter Scott Abbott transformed the remake screenplay and admitted he aimed to ‘honor the original story”- both the book by Florence Engel Randall as well as the original Disney film. Abbott added that the tone of the new screenplay is “gothic suspense rather than splatter— more a horror of the mind.” “Watcher In The Woods (2017) was made on location in Wales. It strives to keep fans of the original movie happy whilst adding a few new modern ‘scare tactics’. Don’t miss it this October 12th- just in time for Halloween.

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