Final Four Perform on SYTYCD

It’s the final night for fans to cast their votes for their favourite dancer on “So You Think You Can Dance”.


The All Stars get the night started with a group dance that even got the judges involved in the performance in a routine choreographed by Tabatha and Napoleon.

This week the final four will dance with each other, perform a solo, and be dancing with their All Stars.

No one will be eliminated this week, the scores from last week will be combined with this week’s scores to determine the winner.

In the first dance all four finalists will be dancing together in a routine choreographed by Christopher Scott and Emmy Award winning Travis Wall. Each dancer represents one of the four essential elements – Earth Fire, Water, and Air.

The first duet of the nigh pairs Taylor and Kiki for the first time with a Cha Cha to the music of the Pussycat Dolls and choreographed by Anya Garnis. Host Cat Deely called Kiki a lovely partner. Mary noted that Taylor has grown so much, had sharp and crisp moves and was a hot tamale on the dance floor; adding that Kiki killed it on the dance floor. Nigel said that in his own element Kiki commanded the stage and is a generous partner. Nigel said that Taylor danced with such confidence that no one would have known she was out of her element. Vanessa said that the duo commanded the stage and owned it.

Koine and Lex perform a Broadway routine to “L O V E” by Nat King Cole and choreographed by Al Blackstone and brought the judges to their feet. The pizza box prop Lex used in rehearsals really did have a pizza icomedy routine, Nigel said that All Blackstone did such a good job on the routine. Nigel noted that Lex has really grown over the season and Koine danced every nuance in the routine; Nigel added that it was an excellent dance that was danced excellently. Saying that they were excellent together, Vanessa called it one of her favourite routines. Saying that the routine had everything in it, Mary said that it was a fantastic routine and was one of her favourite dances in the history of SYTYCD.

Ballroom dancer Kiki chose the Mandy Moore Contemporary routine to “First Time Ever I Saw Your Face” as his favourite dance of the season and brought the judges to their feet in an emotional performance that left Mary, Vanessa, and Jenna in tears. When Cat asked what was wrong Jenna said that it was so sad because she loved dancing with Kiki. Vanessa called it a stunningly beautiful routine that was even better the second time around. Mary said that Kiki surrendered himself to the music even more the second time around. Nigel said that he was shocked when he heard that Kiki had chosen that routine; adding that the connection Kiki and Jenna have is magnetic; adding that there is a mysterious alchemy that has brought the two dancers together.

Lex performs his solo dance.

Koine chose the African Jazz “Speaking in Tongues” routine as her favourite of the season. Cat said that she didn’t think the routine could get any better but she was wrong. Mary said that Koine did some magnificent dancing and gets better and better; adding that she could watch the routine over and over again. Nigel said that he loves the routine; adding that it shows Koine’s diverse talent. Vanessa called the dance one of her favourites; adding that Koine is an amazing performer.

Kiki performs his solo dance.

The All Stars perform a group routine to “DNA” by Kendrick Lamar and choreographed by Keone and Mari.

Koine and Taylor dance together for the first time in a Mandy Moore Jazz routine that had the house screaming and the judges on their feet. Nigel said that he loved how Mandy did the routine; adding that it was fantastic. Vanessa called it the ultimate female empowerment routine; adding that she could tell that they were having fun. Mary said that the girls commanded the stage and had sophistication up the wazoo.

The guys – Kiki and Lex – performed a Luther Brown Hip-Hop routine to Missy Elliott and brought the jduges to their feet. Cat noted that it wasn’t either guy’s specialty but they rocked the routine. After giving it up to Luther Brown, Vanessa said that the guys crushed it. Calling the dance so much fun, Mary loved how the guys were sitting down in it. Nigel noted that Lex is so good at everything he is asked to do but is so humble nd Kiki hasn’t just bloomed but has sprouted and is a different dancer than he was when he came to them.

Taylor chose her week one of the live shows dance with Robert – the Travis Wall Contemporary dance to an a cappella piece that brought the judges to their feet. Mary was so happy that Taylor picked the piece saying that it changed everything for her and it just took her to another place; adding that Taylor melted into every transition. Nigel said that the dance was even better the second time around. Nigel said that Taylor has some of the same qualities as Cyd Charise had. Vanessa said that Taylor was meant to be there.

Koine performed her solo dance.

Lex chose his tap dance with Gaby as his favourite routine to perform again and brought the judges to their feet. Nigel loved the dance, noting that with all of the dances they had to do it was amazing that they remembered everything. Nigel noted that he had not seen a routine like that since the Nicholas Brothers. Vanessa said that they were magical together and that Lex seemed to float across the stage. Mary loved every second of seeing Lex do tap and noted that his feet were on fire.

Taylor performed her solo dance.

Koine and Kiki performed a Travis Wall Contemporary routine to “Both Sides Now” by Joni Mitchell. Vanessa said that Travis was one of the bravest choreographers of their generation; adding that the dance was impactful and broke her heart. Mary said that they poured all their passion out of their heart; adding that they were peaking right now. Noting that great dances need to be great actors, Nigel said that Koine has done that; adding that Kiki was brilliant this week.

In the final dance of the night Mia Michaels returns for a very special dance and pairing. In a dance of love, Taylor and Lex revealed that they are in love with each other. The performance was filled with passion…and kissing…and brought rousing cheers from the house and the judges to their feet. Mary said that she was feeling all kinds of strange emotions; adding who knew that was goin to happen. Nigel said that Mia always creates something so beautiful; adding that anyone who has fallen in love will be touched by the routine. Saying that they would have a moment that they can look back on, Vanessa noted that she and her boyfriend have a lot of kissing moves to work on.

In next week’s grand finale, a new winner will be crowned in a performance filled evening.

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