Felix Martin and Tony MacAlpine Rock the Cafe

For the past 25 years Tony MacAlpine has been making music as a solo artist and with a band. After taking time off for medical issues, MacAlpine returns to the stage…and a tour. On September 16 Tony MacAlpine and his band performed at the Hard Rock Cafe in Niagara Falls, New York.


But before MacAlpine took the stage, Venezuelan rocker Felix Martin and his bad got the rock and roll started.

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Since the age of 13 Felix Martin has been paying his own unique style of rock fused with Jazz, Fusion and the sounds of Venezuela on his custom made 14 and 16 string guitars.


Martin and his Chilean band mates Javier and Pablo performed “Carnatt”, “Bom”, “Bom Continues”, Nomadic Tree”, the traditional Venezuelan song “Alma Llanera”, “Santos”, “Baronsimeti”, and “Eight Moon Headdress”.

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Like Felix Martin, Tony MacAlpine offer up his own style of rock. Classically trained in violin and piano, MacAlpine adds Classical elements into his music including playing the piano. And for MacAlpine it isn’t some fancy electronic keyboard, but a real piano.

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MacAlpine’s set included “Synthetic”, “Exhibition”, “Poison”, “Epic”, “Kingz”, “Piano Break”, “Sacred Wonder”, “Tears”, Hundreds”, “Concrete Garden”, Chrome Castle”, “Witch and the Priest”, “Stream Dream”, and for an encore “Napoleon’s Puppet”.


MacAlpine and Martin go far beyond the basic three chord rock that is heard on commercial stations to offer musical compositions that draw the listener in to no just listen to the notes but to feel the music in body and soul.

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Whether it be Felix Martin’s rafted instruments or Tony MacAlpine’s multi instrumental capabilities, the night was filled with the sounds of rock delivered by masters of the strings.

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All photos by Sherrill Fulghum

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