‘Face Off: Game Face’ Ghosts, Myths, and Legends

Face OffThis week on “Face Off: Game Face”, it’s a week of champions with all four of the contestants winners of “Face Off”…
Darla is the season eight winner
Cig is the season eleven winner
Rashad is the season six winner
Nicole is the season three winner


Judging the artists this week are award winning makeup artists Ve Neill, Glen Hetrick, and Rick Baker

In round one the artists have only 90 minutes to complete their challenge. Using one of the available treasure chests, the artists must bring to life the dead man’s scroll contained within the treasure chest to create the ghost pirate.

Nicole is very excited that she drew the watery grave after the crew made their captain walk the plank.
Rashad’s pirate was hung by the magistrate.
Cig’s pirate was left to rot on a deserted island
Darla’s pirate died by cannonball.

Wit only 90 minutes, some of the artists are having trouble getting everything completed. Cig noted that the challenge was harder than he thought it would be.

After the reveal and judge’s deliberations, host McKenzie Westmore reveals the first artist going home. Saying that while they appreciated his work in creating a prosthetic from other pieces, the paint job got the best of him and Cig was sent home.

In round two the three remaining artists have two hours to complete their mythical challenge. The artists must choose an artifact from the display – the artifacts represent mythical worlds – and use it to create the refal character that would rule that land.

In “Game Face” the artists do not get to choose their models, they are provided. Nicole had a concept that was meant for a female and then discovered that she was given a male model. She had to change her concept, which set her back a bit.

Darla is running short of time to complete her character and still has to paint her model.

After the reveal and judge’s deliberations, the next artist to go home is Rashad. Nicole and Darla will battle it out for the grand prize.

In round three, it’s all about legends…the legend of “Star Wars” and the bounty hunter.

After spinning the wheel to learn their planet, the artists must create a “Star Wars” based bounty hunter that would cime from that world. They have two hours to complete the challenge.

Darla got Eadu
Nicole got Tatooine

Saying that they asked for “StR Wars” and they got “Star Wars” the judges chose Darla as the winner of the challenge and the $10,000 prize.

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