Night Two of Blind Auditions on ‘The Voice’

On the season 13 premiere of “The Voice” new coach Jennifer Hudson came out ahead with three artists; while Blake, Miley, and Adam each have two artists each.

The Voice

First up is backup singer Kiesha Renee who has spent the past five years singing for Nicki Minaj. She performed the Country hit “I Can’t Stop Loving You” and earned a four chair turn starting with Blake followed by Adam, Jennifer, and Miley. Jennifer threw her book at Keisha. Jennifer asked what was her name and where did she go to church. Adam said that it sounded like something Blake would do but with Jennifer’s voice to Miley’s style…and nothing from me. Adam added that the key to being the best version of yourself is to not fit in. Miley said that she knew how to do Country and Pop music…and how to blend them together. Blake said that Country music is his life and that is why he is a coach on “The Voice”. Saying he has what she wanted, Kiesha chose Blake to be her coach.

Miley brought her dad Billy Ray to visit the coaches.

Nursing assistant Dylan Gerard got Adam and Jennifer to turn their chairs. Adam said that Dylan gave him something that he was able to feel what he was listening to; adding it was a cool vibe. Saying that saw potential, Jennifer came up on stage and began coaching Dylan and got him to sing in a key a little higher. She noted that the singers deserve to see a demo of what the coaches can do. Dylan chose Adam to be his coach.

Wedding singer Maharasyi got Jennifer and Miley to turn their chairs. Adam liked the choice of a Shaka Kahn song. Calling it a great song choice, Jennifer said that Maharasyi has soul and a big voice like Shaka. Maharasyi had a bit of trouble with one note and Jennifer told her that if she could think the note then she could see the note and had her try it. Miley noted that Maharasyi’s nerves held her back. Maharasyi chose Jennifer to be her coach.

Sixty-one year old Marlo Wells was born to a musical family. His Dad – Carl Jones – sang for the Lovetones, Marvin Gaye, and Smokey Robinson. But Marlo failed to turn any chairs. Feeling a bit upset with themselves for not turning around, the judges invited Marlo to come back.

In his video package Red Marlow said that he was as Country as cornbread. The Nashville demo singer performed the John Anderson song “Swingin’” It took to near the end of the song before fellow Country singers Miley and Blake pushed their buttons. Calling the performance awesome, Adam said that if he thought that he any chance of winning, he would have pushed his button. Saying that she wants to bring a new face to Country music, Miley said that she was there to win “The Voice” with a Country artist. Red had met Blake once before. Blake said that it was exciting to see a guy representing old Country. Red chose Blake to be his coach.

In the final audition of the night, Honky Tonk singer Ashlan Croft sang “You Are My Sunshine”. Only Jennifer did not push her button. Miley said that she has been looking for Ashlan; adding that she is back more rooted and grounded and wants her and Ashlan to be a team. Saying that he is not Country, Adam said that he has been fighting this fight for so many seasons adding that Ashlan is a powerful female Country rock singer. Blake said that there has not been a voice on Country music radio since Gretchen Wilson. Miley said that she was not the craziest voice. Agreeing with Miley, Ashlan chose Miley to be her coach.

Jennifer Hudson:
Chris Weaver
Shi’ann Jones
Lucas Holiday


Blake Shelton:
Mitchell Lee
Esera Tuaolo
Kiesha Renee
Red Marlow


Miley Cyrus:
Janice Freeman
Brooke Simpson
Ashlan Craft


Adam Levine:
Dave Crosby
Brandon Showell
Dylan Gerard

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