Edmonton Police Investigating Attacks as Terrorism

October 1, 2017 Police in Canada say a man driving a Chevy Malibu that rammed into a bollard, hitting a police officer outside an Edmonton Eskimos football game atCommonwealth Stadium Saturday night did so intentionally. The driver then exited the vehicle and stabbed the police officer several times before fleeing on foot.

Later in the evening, police identified a man driving a U-Haul truck at a checkpoint as the owner of the car used in the officer attack. The suspect fled the scene and deliberately hit pedestrians during a police chase through downtown Edmonton, injuring at least four people. Canadian investigators believe the suspect, identified only as a 30-year-old male acted alone.

Canada has experienced a much lower number of terrorist attacks than much of the West. In October, 2016, Canadian police
thwarted an imminent attack by Aaron Driver, who pledged allegiance to the Islamic State. Driver detonated a bomb in the back seat of a taxi as officers closed in on him. In October, 2014, ISIS claimed responsibility for a series of attacks that killed two Canadian Forces members. A gunman shot a soldier at Ottawa’s national war memorial before launching an attack on the Canadian Parliament. In a seperate attack the same week, a man plowed into two soldiers in Quebec, killing one.

Interestingly, there is another connection between the 2014 attacks and Saturday night’s attacks. All of the incidents were carried out after the terrorist organization released new audio recordings of ISIS spokesman Abu Mohammad Al-Adnani encouraging supporters to carry out attacks.

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