Guilty Pleasures on DWTS

This week on “Dancing with the Stars” explores their guilty pleasures. After a double elimination last week, there will be no eliminations this week.


But first the professional dancers and their stars performed a group routine choreographed by Mandy Moore.

This week Maks is off taking care of some personal issues. Alan will be stepping in for Maks to dance with Vanessa.

Drew and Emma get the night of guilty pleasures started off with a CSI themed Argentine Tango. Drew says that he is obsessed with true crime shows. Host Tom Bergeron said that the dance was very nicely done. A Las Vegas resident, Drew said that his prayers are with Las Vegas after the tragedy on Sunday night. Len said that there was no crime and no mystery, he liked the characterization and the dance had some good lifts. Bruno said that Drew cracked the case. Saying that Drew showed how going first should be done, Carrie Ann called it an amazing Argentine Tango; adding that she is impressed with the way Drew is growing. Drew and Emma scored 23 points for their dance.

Derek and Sharna danced a Cha Cha to the theme song from “The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air” – Derek’s guilty pleasure. Noting that Derek was obviously inspired by Will Smith, Bruno said that Derek really popped tonight. Carrie Ann noted that Derek is finally understanding what she has been telling him. Len said that Will Smith would be proud of Derek’s dance; adding that it had some nice content and Derek was into the dance and the music. Derek and Sharna scored 21 points for their dance.

Victoria and Val danced a high school themed Quickstep to “Tub Thumping” by Chumbalumba with a little help from the Troupe members. Carrie Ann said that Victoria reminded her of Noah Gallaway who also had to find ways to move; adding that the dance showed her off well. Saying that the dance had some nice content, Len called the dance entertaining and fun. Saying they went for it, Bruno loved the dance but noted Victoria lost some of her body contact. Victoria and Val scored 22 points for their dance.

Vanessa and Alan performed a fun filled Jazz routine to “Girls Just Wanna Have Fun” for Vanessa’s getting silly with the girls guilty pleasure and got some help from the Troupe girls for her dance. Saying that everybody had fun watching the dance, Len noted that it was difficult to tell who was the celebrity and he enjoyed watching it. Saying that it was like watching Vanessa and the Marvelette, Bruno said the dance had timeless elegance but was up to date and he loved it. Noting that there were a few misses, Carrie Ann said that Vanessa handled the girls beautifully. Vanessa and Alan scored 23 points for their dance.

Nikki Bella is obsessed with romance novels. She and Artem danced a Viennese Waltz to Rihanna’s “Love on the Brain”. Before the judges had their say, fiancee John Cena said that the dance was spicy, exciting, sexy, and fearless. Saying that it really worked, Bruno called the dance naughty but nice. Carrie Ann loved that Nikki took the risk in her dance; adding that she did it really well. Noting that the dance was a bit too aggressive, Len liked the mix of turns but wasn’t transported to Vienna. Nikki and Artem scored 21 points for their dance.

Always wishing he could be in a boy band, Frankie got a little advice from boy band member Nick Lachay before performing a Samba with Witney to the music of N’Sync. Saying that she thought she was watching “Satudayn Night Live” Carrie Ann said that Frankie was great at the boy band stuff but in the Samba…not so much. Saying that the dace was a lot of fun and a lot of fun to watch, Len wanted to see more hip action. Saying that he passed the audition, Bruno said that Frankie has all the talent, he just needs to be more elastic with his dancing. Frankie and Witney scored 21 point for their dance.

Between dance rehearsals and violin practice, Lindsey Stirling doesn’t have much time for laying about the house; but her guilty pleasure is to spend the day in her pj’s. Lindsey and Mark danced a pajama themed Jive to “Wake Me Up Before You Go Go” by Wham. Tom said that without a doubt, it was the best pajama Jive he had ever seen and he loved it. Len said that if he was dreaming not to wake him up; adding that the dance had lots of Jive content, was lots of fun, lots of Wham and energy, and was the dance of the season! Calling it a smart routine, Bruno said that Lindsey can go go and keep going; adding that it was brilliant. Agreeing that the routine was brilliant, Carrie Ann called the dance one of her favourites of all time; adding that Lindsey keeps getting stronger. Lindsey and Mark earned the highest score so far this season with 27 points.

Sasha and Gleb cooked up a Jazz routine to Sasha’s guilty pleasure for baking. Bruno said that the dance reminded him of the Swedish Chef from The Muppets; adding that while it was great fun, he had no idea of what was going on. While well executed, clean, and well rehearsed, Carrie Ann said that she kept waiting for the dance to start. Len said that while fun, the dance did not showcase Sasha’s dancing abilities. Sasha and Gleb scored 19 points for their dance.

Nick and Peta performed a Jazz routine to “Jump” by the Pointer Sisters that resembled more of an eighties jazzercise class than a romantic comedy guilty pleasure. Tom noted that Nick looked like he was having a good time. Carrie Ann noted that Nick finally looked like he was having fun; adding that he looked amazing in his outfit. Len loved the concept, commitment, and confidence; adding the dance was well done. Saying, “let’s get physical,” Bruno said that Nick finally got the juices flowing and went for it. Nick said that after being in the bottom last week, this week he wanted to come out and have some fun. Nick and Peta scored 21 points for their dance.

Channeling his inner break dance, Terrell and Cheryl performed a Salsa in a dance that Tom called great fun. In his video package, Terrell noted that sometimes he needs to put some WD-40 on those hips. Len said that Terrell came out with a nice mix of Salsa moves; adding that while it wasn’t a touch down, he was in the red zone with his dance that was a lot of fun. Noting that Terrell had his own style, Bruno said that Terrell looked good. Carrie Ann noted that Terrell finally bought it and that is what she has been wanting. Earning his highest score of the season, Terrell and Cheryl scored 21 points for their dance.

In the last dance of the night Jordan and Lindsay Arnold channeled their inner comic book super hero for a comic book Charleston complete with action bubbles. Calling Jordan an X-Man first class, Bruno said that the dance was like folk art with a visual flair. Calling the dance amazing, Carrie Ann noted that there was a lot going on in the dance but it was smooth and Jordan was always in control. Noting that Jordan is a terrific dancer, Len enjoyed the dance but said that there was virtually no Charleston moves in the dance. Earning a seven from Len, Jordan and Lindsay scored 25 points for their dance.

Guilty Pleasure scores:
Sasha and Gleb – 19
Derek and Sharna – 21
Nikki and Artem – 21
Frankie and Witney – 21
Nick and Peta – 21
Terrel and Cheryl – 21
Victoria and Val – 22
Drew and Emma – 23
Vanessa and Alan – 23
Jordan and Lindsay – 25
Lindsey and Mark – 27

Next week – the most memorable year.

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