Blind Auditions part 3 on ‘The Voice’

The blind auditions continue on week two of “The Voice” as the coaches continue to fill their teams. And new coach Jennifer Hudson cranks it up a notch.

The Voice

Session singer…and Dad…Adam Cunningham gets the night of auditions started off with his performance of The Allman Brothers hit “Midnight Rider”. It wasn’t until the last second of the song that Jennifer and Blake pushed their buttons. During the audition, Jennifer kept standing up. Miley said that Blake would be an obvious choice for a coach but Jennifer has a lot of soul. Jennifer said that it was soul in Adam’s voice that made her turn around; adding that Blake can’t teach that but she can. Blake loved the power and the pitch in Adam’s voice. Saying that he has nothing but respect for Jennifer, Adam chose Blake to be his coach.

Hannah Mrozak came to “The Voice” after her brother urged her to do so before he died. Blake, Adam, and Jennifer all pushed their buttons close together. Adam noted that some singers are proficient but don’t have the tone, but Hannah has both and it is so refreshing. Adam also noted that so far he has only guys on his team. Calling her a beautiful girl, Jennifer said that Hannah has all the tools to make it in the music business. Blake said that he thought Hannah was already in the industry because she was so comfortable on the stage. After thanking the coaches for turning around and saying that she was grateful they saw something in her, Hannah chose Adam to be her coach.

The daughter of a seventh generation Cantor, Shiloh Gold had to wait until the very last note of her song before she had a coach turn their chair. Blake noted that Jennifer and Miley set a record for being the closest to the buzzer before turning around. Miley said that Shiloh has her rasp but Jennifer’s range; adding if you combined the two then you would have Shiloh. Jennifer said that she has never heard a voice like Shiloh’s. Calling it the hardest decision, Shiloh chose Miley saying that Miley would be good for her voice.

Samantha Rios failed to turn any chairs despite being a member of the Children’s choir who performed six times at the White House. Miley said that there were so many moments when Samantha was close. Adam wanted to hear something that was purely Samantha. Jennifer noted that while Samantha has a big voice, she needs to sing the low notes too. Jennifer said that she wished she would have turned her chair but it was a matter of a different song. Adam told Samantha to come back.

Noah Mac’s first public performance was when he was only eight years old at his sister’s funeral. After opening his performance A Cappella, Jennifer and Blake turned their chairs. Miley said that Noah was hot – he’s 17. Adam said that it was a missed opportunity for him. Saying that Noah was passionate, Jennifer said that he took her on a journey. Blake said that Noah’s voice is powerful and something special; adding that he has nothing but admiration for Noah’s voice. Noah chose Blake to be his coach.

Worship leader Davon Fleming became the first four chair turn of the night and had Jennifer throwing things again and brought the coaches to their feet. Saying that Davon really did something, Jennifer noted that she started out just like Davon on a stage just like this one. Noting that they both love Whitney Houston, Jennifer sang “I Will Always Love You” with Davon. Saying that Davon is going to be in the finale, Blake noted that the best way to inspire others is to win the show; adding that he has won the show five times. Noting that Davon has his own style, Miley said that she was happy to see him in all his glory when she turned around. Adam noted that having a bond and the same taste is a good thing but it is more important to have someone who will take you where you want to go. Davon choe Jennifer to be his coach.

Kathrina Feigh had to wait to the end of her song before Jennifer and Blake pushed their buttons. Miley said that Blake was great but Jennifer knows how to work with her voice. Jennifer said that Kathrina’s voice is amazing and it moved her. Blake noted that Kathrina has a very broad spectrum of what she can do musically. Kathrina chose Jennifer to be her coach.

In a series of clips Jennifer added Alexandra Joyce and Eric Lyn to her team and Blake added Anna Chatherine DeHart to his team.

Addison Agen is surrounded with music. Her Dad owns a music store and her Mom is a music therapist. Addison got Adam and Miley to turn their chairs. Jennifer said that it was a pleasure to listen to Addison sing. Blake said that Addison was awesome. Adam called Addison one of his favourite singers; adding that he fell in love with her when he turned around. Adam noted that Addison’s voice is full of power and emotion; adding that she is the most talent singer for her age he has heard since Danielle Bradbury. Miley said that she was happy to see Addison standing there; adding the she can relate to Addison because she has been there. Addison chose Miley to be her coach.

After getting no chairs to turn around last season, Adam Pearce returns this season with a performance of “Hot Blooded” by Foreigner. This time Miley and Adam turned around for Pearce. Adam noted that Pearce was wild and crazy but controlled and refined at the same time. Adam noted that people were cheering even before he started singing. Calling his voice ridiculous, Miley said that every single note was on. Jennifer said that she didn’t turn around because she didn’t think she had anything to offer Pearce. Blake said that he thought the Adam Pearce should choose Miley because he thinks it will be cool for them to sing “Wrecking Ball” together. Adam Pearce chose Adam Levine to be his coach.

Multi instrumentalist, dancer, and singer Myles Frost chose the Stevie Wonder song “My Cherie Amour” for his audition but failed to turn any chairs. While the coaches agreed that Myles had a good voice, nerves got the better of him. The coaches invited Myles to come back and get them all to turn around.

IN the final audition of the night, 16 year old Mariah Formica rocked “The Voice” stage with her rendition of Heart’s “Crazy on You”. The rocking teen has opened for Michael Sweat and performed on his record. Mariah became the second artist of the night to turn all four chairs. Miley said that she had a feeling the voice was bigger than Mariah. Adam called her a pint sized powerhouse; adding that Heart’s getting old and Mariah could be in the band. Adam noted that Maria is an old soul with good knowledge of rock and roll; adding that she could be the next great female rock and roll singer. Blake said that Mariah has so much talent but it is all about having somebody in your corner; adding that she is the most likely person to become a big star from the show. Miley noted that she would be the best coach for Mariah because they could relate to each other. Mariah said that she had to pick Miley to be her coach.

Jennifer Hudson:
Chris Weaver
Shi’ann Jones
Lucas Holiday
Davon Fleming
Kathrina Feigh
Alexandra Joyce
Eric Lyn

Blake Shelton:
Mitchell Lee
Esera Tuaolo
Kiesha Renee
Red Marlow
Adam Cunningham
Noah Mac
Anna Catherine DeHart-

Miley Cyrus:
Janice Freeman
Brooke Simpson
Ashlan Craft
Shiloh Gold
Addison Agen
Mariah Formica

Adam Levine:
Dave Crosby
Brandon Showell
Dylan Gerard
Hannah Mrozak
Adam Pearce

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