Heroes, Villains, and Aliens on ‘Face Off: Game Face’

This week on “Face Off: Game Face” Scott, Marie, Angie and Jonathan will be competing for the $10,000 prize.

Face Off

Judges Ve Neill, Eryn Kreuger Mekash, and Rick Baker will be judging the artists work and looking on as the artists work.

In round one artists enter the world of science fiction when they use cave drawings as their inspiration to create an alien visitor. The artists have two hours to complete the challenge.

The artists are provided with everything they will need to complete their tasks including a variety of prosthetic pieces. As the artists work, the judges question the artists time management skills. Time is running out but there is still much painting to be done.

After the reveal and deliberations Angie, Jonathan, and Scott will all be moving on to the next round but Marie is the first artist to go home.

In round two the remaining artists enter the world of horror, but not just any horror theme but the world of slasher films.

The artists must choose a newspaper clipping of a villain’s backstory and create that slasher…complete with his mask. The artists have three hours to complete this challenge.

Knowing that he is not very good at creating masks, Jonathan begins working on his mask first. He takes a lot of time on the mask and runs very short to complete his makeup.

Scott chose to complete his makeup first and work on the mask last.

After the reveal and deliberations, Angie and Scott will compete for the pirze but Jonathan has been eliminated.

In round three host McKenzie Westmore challenged the artists to create not only a super hero, but a villain with opposite traits. The artists have four hours to complete both characters.

Angie noted that she has never done a super hero before.

Scott is nervous about the amount of time he has to complete the challenge.

Ve said that both of the artists did a fantastic job and all four of the characters fit into the world of the X-Men.

But there can be only one winner…Angie!

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