Night Four of Blind Auditions on ‘The Voice’

Heading into night four of the blind auditions on season 13 of “The Voice” new coach Jennifer Hudson is leading the way with eight members on her team, original coach Adam Levine is bringing up the rear with only five members on his team.

The Voice

First up is Anthony Alexander has spent the last year performing up and down the Sunset Strip. His Dad used to work on “The Voice” as a camera operator. Adam was the coach to push his button. Jennifer and Miley joined Adam, leaving Blake as the only coach not to turn around. Blake said that he heard so many influences in Anthony’s voice. After telling Anthony that he was so cute, Jennifer noted that he has some range; adding she heard some Prince. Miley said that Anthony came out so professional. Adam said that the diversity in Anthony’s voice is very special, honest, and sincere. Anthony chose Adam to be his coach. Adam went backstage to meet the family.

Singer and songwriter Sophia Bollman was in the band No Surrender who opened for KISS. Paul Stanley sent her a video message. Sophia had to wait a while before she saw any chairs turned. Blake and Miley pushed their buttons. Blake said that she had a pop soulful voice; adding that he would be a good coach for her. Miley said that Sophia has an amazing voice with a huge range; adding that Sophia has so much freedom in her voice. Jennifer noted that Sophia has a very big voice with some range. Sophia said that Blake would be a cool dad. She chose Miley to be her coach.

Jessica Rowboat is an Indian born singer who is the daughter of Classical Indian musicians. She sang “Imagine” for her audition but failed to turn any chairs. Miley noted that she didn’t hear enough of Jessica’s voice. Jennifer said that Jessica had a beautiful voice and she felt it. Blake said that he felt that Jessica is doing what she meant to do. Adam told Jessica to come back and sing a song that was more energetic.

University music student Karli Webster began playing the piano at age three and has won awards for her playing. It didn’t take Adam and Miley long to push their buttons. Adam said that he wanted Karli so bad on his team and noted that she has the spirit of Carly Simon in her voice. Saying that Karli has his favourite voice in the competition, Adam said that Karli can go all the way. Miley noted that she has an all female team. Karli chose Miley to be her coach.

Stephan Marcellus faced his fears and took the stage. Stephan had a shaky start but then found his voice but Jennifer heard something and pushed her button. Jennifer noted that she has been where Stephan has been and understands.

In the final performance of the night, Emily Luther sang “Summertime”. Calling herself a music nerd, she has sung backup for Dionne Warwick and Yolanda Adams. Blake, Adam, and Jennifer all waited until the last note before they pushed their buttons. Adam said that he was so mesmerized by Emily’s performance that he almost forgot to push his button; adding that Emily is very needed on the show. Saying that Emily has a flexible voice, Jennifer said that Emily has great balance in everything. Saying that he really got into the performance, Blake said that when she started singing he wanted a martini – and he doesn’t drink martinis. Blake noted that there is nobody like Emily in the competition. Emily chose Adam to be her coach, making her the first female on his team.

Jennifer Hudson:
Chris Weaver
Shi’ann Jones
Lucas Holiday
Davon Fleming
Kathrina Feigh
Alexandra Joyce
Eric Lyn
Stephan Marcellus

Blake Shelton:
Mitchell Lee
Esera Tuaolo
Kiesha Renee
Red Marlow
Adam Cunningham
Noah Mac
Anna Catherine DeHart-

Miley Cyrus:
Janice Freeman
Brooke Simpson
Ashlan Craft
Shiloh Gold
Addison Agen
Mariah Formica
Sophia Bollman
Karli Webster

Adam Levine:
Dave Crosby
Brandon Showell
Dylan Gerard
Hannah Mrozak
Adam Pearce
Anthony Alexander
Emily Luther

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