Most Memorable Year on DWTS

This week on “Dancing with the Stars” the stars relive their Most Memorable Year in the episode that is always an emotional event.


And Maks returns this week after missing last week for what was reported as “personal issues”.

After just fun dances and no elimination last week, this week another couple will go home.

Up first is Frankie and Witney with a Quickstep. Frankie said that his most memorable year is this year – 2017 – the year he learned to live in the moment. Frankie noted that he has memory issues and there are many things in his past that he doesn’t remember. Len referred the dance to his mum’s Yorkshire pudding, calling the dance fluffy. Len noted that the dance had lots of Quickstep content and Frankie had a good frame; Len added that it was a great opening dance and he enjoyed it. Noting that Frankie had a spring in his step, Bruno said that Frankie knows how to put on the glitz and glamour. Bruno called Frankie a really good dancer. Carrie Ann noted that the joy they put into the dance was contagious; adding that Frankie was clean and neat with his moves. Host Tom Bergeron said that not everybody could pull off Liberace’s jacket. Frankie and Witney scored 24 points for their dance.

Tom noted that there were sever DWTS alumni in the audience.

Terrell and Cheryl danced a Viennese Waltz marking 2012 – the year his grandmother died. Terrell was raised by his grandmother. They danced to “I Have Nothing” by Whitney Houston. Terrell was very emotional at the end of the dance. Tom said Terrell showed how good of a job his grandmother did. Saying Terrell got him, Bruno called it Terrell’s most accomplished performance of the night; adding that the dance was elegant and smart with beautiful flow. Noting that Terrell has struggled in the past, Carrie Ann said that tonight he had poise and a new found eloquence. Len said that the dance was well crafted; adding that it had an ease and elegance about it. Len said that Terrell danced great and the emotion came out. Terrell and Cheryl scored 24 points for their dance.

Nikki and Artem performed a Contemporary dance commemorating 2016 – the year she returned to the wrestling ring after a neck injury. Tom simply said wow. Noting that it has been a night of breakthroughs, Carrie Ann said that Nikki connected with her heart and body; adding there was a new found artistry in her dance. Carrie Ann noted that it was the first time she really saw Nikki. Calling the dance very creative, Len said that the dance showed off Nikki’s dance and athletic skills; adding that it was very creative, strong, and powerful. Bruno said that Nikki was so powerful out there; adding that he saw something that he had never seen before. Nikki and Artem scored 24 points for their dance.

Nick and Peta perform a Contemporary dance marking the year he married Vanessa. Len called the dance touching, creative, and poignant; adding that he danced with sensitivity. Noting that Nick was light on his feet, Bruno said that Nick showed intensity in his feeling and had great energy. Carrie Ann said that the dance was beautifully choreographed and showed Nick off in the best possible way. Carrie Ann said that it was Nick’s best dance ever. Nick and Peta scored 22 points for their dance.

Lindsey and Mark danced a Viennese Waltz for the year 2016 – the year here Dad died from cancer with Mark wearing her Dad’s hat and scarf. Lindsey noted that Mark looked kind of like her Dad, so it was like she was dancing with him. Lindsey was very emotional after the dance. Calling it gorgeous and magical, Bruno said that it felt like a dream you don’t want to wake up from; adding that it was stunning. An emotional Carrie An said the dance was beautifully executed; adding that it was moments like that that she was thankful for her job. Comparing the dance to a balloon floating, Len said that it reminded him of a Banksy painting with great imagination and he loved it; but wanted to see more Viennese Waltz moves. Lindsey said that she was looking forward to the dance but was also terrified of it. Co-host Erin Andrews told Mark that he did a fantastic job with the dance. Lindsey and Mark earned 26 points for their dance.

Derek and Sharna performed a Jazz dance that marked 2007 – the year his then 10 month old daughter Tatum had life saving cancer surgery. Derek said that he walked away from a $20 million contract to take care of his daughter. Noting that it was an emotional night, Carrie Ann thanked Derek for being an outstanding human being; adding that she loved that the dance was a celebration. Carrie Ann noted that Derek was a little out of sync. Calling it Derek’s best dance, Len said that the dance had rhythm, style, and energy. Saying that Derek has the flower power, Bruno said they were like busy bees in simmer; adding that it was a great tribute to Derek’s daughter and he loved it. Derek and Sharna scored 23 points for their dance.

Jordan and Lindsay performed a Contemporary dance marking the year that Jordan was adopted by his grandparents. Jordan said to him, they are mom and dad. After the dance he went over to them and it was a very emotional moment. Len noted that on Sunday he went to the Rams football game and saw Jordan performing the National Anthem; noting that Jordan did a fantastic job singing…and with his dance. Calling it a work of art, Bruno said that it was an exquisitely flawless dance that was performed with open hearted sincerity. Carrie Ann said that it was exquisitely danced. Tom noted that the dancers don’t know what is in the video packages; adding that Jordan was in tears even before he began the dance. Earning the first 10’s of the season, Jordan and Lindsay scored 29 points for their dance.

Sasha and Gleb performed a Foxtrot commemorating the year Sasha got engaged – 2016. Bruno noted that it was a proper Foxtrot; adding that Sasha has a natural grace. Noting that Sasha is using the floor, Carrie Ann loved the transitions and storytelling in the dance. Len liked the quantity of Foxtrot moves and the quality of the dance. Sasha and Gleb scored 24 points for their dance.

Vanessa and Maks danced a Rumba marking the birth of her third child who was born premature. Even new Dad Maks was emotional. Calling it the woman’s dance, Carrie Ann said that it was an excellent dance for Vanessa. Noting that it is a hard night for judging, Carrie Ann said the dance was so touching and had beautiful expression. Saying that Maks knows what makes the old judge happy, Len said that he loved the routine and the way Vanessa danced it. Bruno noted that Vanessa was glowing; adding that she had great lines and shapes in her dance. Vanessa and Maks scored 24 points for their dance.

Drew and Emma marked the year Drew became a Property Brother with their Jive to Queen…with a little extra surprise – twin brother Jonathan joined in on the dance. Saying that he didn’t think anything was going to stop Drew, Len called it Drew’s best dance; adding that it had twice the fun and energy. Bruno said that at first he thought he was hallucinating; adding that the dance was a full on Jive with a feel good factor. Carrie Ann said that Drew had a secret weapon tonight; adding that she loved it. Jonathan said that it was the most stressful thing he had ever done. Drew and Emma with Jonathan scored 24 points for their dance.

The final dance of the night was Victoria and Val with a Foxtrot that began with back in her wheelchair. Bruno said that what Victoria has achieved is beyond belief; adding that she emerged like a star…and danced like one. Saying that she felt honoured, Carrie Ann noted that the chemistry between Victoria and Val is tender and beautiful. Carrie Ann said that it was beautiful dancing in and out of the wheelchair. Saying that Victoria is so inspirational, Len called the dance a lovely experience; adding that she should inspire America. Victoria and Val scored 27 points for their dance.

Most Memorable Year scores:
Nick and Peta – 22
Derek and Sharna – 23
Frankie and Witney – 24
Terrell and Cheryl – 24
Nikki and Artem – 24
Sasha and Gleb – 24
Vanessa and Maks – 24
Drew and Emma – 24
Lindsey and Mark – 26
Victoria and Val – 27
Jordan and Lindsay – 29

With no elimination last week, the scores from the past two weeks were combined for the results. In this week’s results Nick and Peta find themselves in danger of going home again. They are joined by Derek and Sharna.

The couple going home this week is basketball star Derek Fisher and Sharna.
Derek said that the experience has made him grow as a man…and as a person.

Next week it’s Disney week.

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